Wayne Kramer Will Kick Out The Jams With Just About Anyone

Mar 26th, 2008 // 8 Comments

mc5.jpgThe Presidents Of The United States Of America (authors of “Lump”) were joined by not just one, but two formerly Jewfro’d musical legends at LA’s The Roxy last Friday: Satirical visionary Weird Al Yankovic, who reworked the Presidents’ big hit as the Forrest-saluting “Gump,” assisted in what was an undoubtedly transcedent cover of “More Than A Feeling”; and MC5 axeman Wayne Kramer, who helped essay the perennial “Kick Out The Jams” earlier in the night. Preliminary YouTube searches provided no documentation of either performance, but they did reveal another run through the anthem courtesy of Kramer and three other goofballs who’ve seen better decades.

A year ago, Wayne was joined by guitarrorists Slash, Tom Morello (in acoustic Nightwatchman mode) and Nuno Freakin’ Bettencourt at SXSW for a stirring rendition of the MC5′s “Skunk (Sonically Speaking).” Sorry, “Kick Out The Jams.”

Here’s the MC5 themselves, for comparison’s sake.

Just imagine two bald dudes pogoing with de-stringed basses alongside and you get the picture.

Weird Al and MC5 Endorse The Presidents Of The United States Of America [AntiMusic]


  1. tigerpop

    A Slash solo makes any song better. Just ask Lenny Kravitz!

  2. Anonymous

    Brother Wayne wrote the song and the MC5 later gave the Presidents the rights to re-write the track. Good decision, since it sold about 5 million records and turned a bunch of kids on to the song. They have been kicking the jams out together for over 10 years.

  3. Anonymous

    BTW, did you know the Morello/Kramer/Slash/Bettencourt/MickMars/etc benefit gigs have generated tens of thousands of dollars for Food Not Bombs? A pretty good reason for them to keep playing the song.

  4. Thierry

    @tigerpop: Or Michael Jackson!

  5. unperson

    Or Paulina Rubio!

  6. Silverfuture

    Or anyone who likes to have people stand on their white piano!

  7. Chris Molanphy

    Or Guitar Hero advertising directors!

  8. Thierry

    Maybe all Hillary needs is Slash solo?

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