Patrick “The White Akon” Stump Yanked From Roots Album

Mar 26th, 2008 // 5 Comments

APYou didn’t want the worst, you didn’t get the worst! The Roots have caved to public disgust and removed “Birthday Girl,” their collabo with omnipresent Fall Out Boy troubadour Patrick Stump, from their upcoming album Rising Down. “Birthday Girl” is still the album’s first international single, but it’s been reduced to “iTunes-only” status in America. I don’t really see what makes the song so heinous. It might be a little Sublime for hardcore fans of the band, but if it lacks crossover potential, it’s due to the Roots’ milquetoast albatross Black Thought, not Stump (ladies on YouTube seem to like the track just fine). If the vocal was credited to Cody ChesnuTT, would the Internet have been so put off? [Nah Right / Photo: AP]

  1. sncreducer

    “the Roots’ milquetoast albatross Black Thought”?

    Did you take a guest blogger slot here after Pitchfork turned you down?

    I’d agree that pretty much everything is wrong with this track, but Black Thought’s rap isn’t what’s weighing it down. Blame the vanilla-jam (Bonnareggae?) beat first, and the hook second. Why does Stump have to lead into the beginning of every line with that “mmmm/nnnn” thing?

  2. Anonymous

    i actually like the song.Its different. Reconsider roots

  3. Anonymous

    i actually like this song. its very different and would open a new audience to one of the best live bands in the world. The seed 2.0 didn’t hurt them actually got dem some new fans.

  4. Silverfuture

    @dan13l: You know you’re right. Think of how cool it would be to go to a Roots show and be surrounded by Fall Out Boy fans. At least, the ones old enough to get in. Sounds like bliss to me.

  5. GhostOfDuane

    the roots show i was at recently didn’t look all that different from a fall out boy show, except the pants that all the white folks wore were marginally baggier. and that was at the apollo!

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