“American Idol” Sends Chikezie To The Showers

Mar 26th, 2008 // 26 Comments

chikeze.jpgFor those of you who are on time-zone delay or who couldn’t be bothered to sit through an hour of skits and Kimberley Locke hagiography: American Idol said goodbye to Chikezie tonight, even though his performance last night wasn’t that bad! Oh, America, you’re just getting it wrong again and again, especially in the “people who should have been in the bottom three but weren’t” category.

The lowest vote totals belonged to Chikezie, Syesha Mercado, and Jason Castro–although after Jason was given a little bit of license to babble about how his presence in the lowest reaches of the Idol hopefuls was a “shock,” he was quickly sent to the couches, safe in his fate. One question: I understand how Kristy Lee Cook’s play for the still-scared-by-terrorists types sent her to the blue couches of safety, but how does Ramiele Malubay survive week after week? Not only is she a personality void, any cuteness points she might have garnered last night should have been automatically revoked because of those high-waisted shorts!


  1. Hamm Beerger

    @Thierry: Repeated doses of “This Is My Now.” Sorry, the cure is possibly worse than the disease.

  2. Thierry

    @Jim Thome’s Self-Cleaning Oven: Unfortunately, I had forgotten about that song – until last night. I didn’t see it coming, and didn’t have a chance to put fingers in my ears quickly enough.

    Ever had two earworms at once? Welcome to my nightmare…

  3. metalkate

    caught the end of the show and then caught up on last night with
    some youtube highlights. thanks youtube! anyway, yeah, jason castro -
    shock, indeed! i thought his ‘fragile’ sounded very nice, and i’m
    convinced the judges keep pointing to his revelatory?? ‘hallelujah’ as
    the gold standard just because of the strength of the song itself and
    thanks jason for reminding us! cause that performance, on second
    listen, really wasn’t that hot. but he’s grown on me since. cute kid.
    hope he can hang a while longer, and hope that jonbenet archuleta kid
    doesn’t win. blech. but frankly, i don’t really care. i really like
    that murder by death band. and elliot smith. i used to listen to a lot
    of metal.

  4. tubby

    murder by death is awesome! did you get the new album yet? it’s called “red in tooth and claw”

  5. Charles A. Hohman

    For a while, I thought Ramiele would complete the bottom three, thereby conspicuously leaving seven very white faces guaranteed safety.

    Chikezie admitted last night that his arm was twisted into singing another ballad, which makes me suspect a racially motivated ruse to oust him, given the begrudging tokenism of his Top 24 placement. As for the other surviving African American who just happened to be in the Bottom Two, she gave a season highlight performance.

    Whatever “Idol”‘s troubling race politics, which have been blatantly obvious and widely ignored this season, I suspect there may also have been spillover from the Wright/Obama media firestorm. Don’t forget Sanjaya was voted off the week of the Virginia Tech slayings, when the show had a somber tone, and media outlets were delivering anti-outcast, anti-Asian paranoia. So current events can sometimes influence “Idol” voting, as much as performances, personality and producer preferences.

  6. metalkate

    totes! yeah, have it. like it lots, but not as magical and perfect as ‘in bocca al lupo.’

  7. ReverendDrGladhands

    Of course there’s a huge racial component in Idol voting. It’s called AMERICAN Idol. It even spills over into the post-idol careers of non-winning contestants. There hasn’t been a black Idol loser who’s had the recording career of even Kellie Pickler or William Hung. That said, who cares? I surely don’t miss having Melinda Doolittle or Tamyra Gray in my life, and in a week’s time, I won’t miss Chikeze. He made the top ten, he’ll go on tour and make some money.

    on Ramiele: Admittedly, I’m so gay for her that MrsHands won’t watch the show with me anymore, but I thought this weeks performance was one of the five best this week. She made it through previous eliminations on cuteness, but she earned her keep this time.

  8. shpanky

    Oh American Idol has always been racist year after year. Anyone remember LaToya London, one of the best vocalists they ever had?? Or how about ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Jennifer Hudson that year alone?

    I’m a white male myself and it just pisses me off to no end that this show consistently caters to the blond haired blue-eyed trailer trash like KKKristy Cooke. How many vacant, wooden blondes (re: Carrie Underwood) really need to win this competition? :-(

  9. jasonelias

    @Charles A. Hohman: I don’t think it’s racism, I think it’s the fact that Chikeze and Mercado aren’t all that great so they are going to be in and out of trouble barring a “great” night. While it was weird seeing both Mercado and Chikeze in the bottom two, Cook probably saved herself with that warhorse, Ramiele had the “under the weather” excuse so the bottom two was left open to perhaps less worthy contestants.

  10. Hamm Beerger

    Uh, racist? LaToya and Jennifer both lost to Fantasia… another black woman. So yeah, 7 years of American Idol and two black winners… look up the percentage of Americans that are black and do the math.

  11. Hamm Beerger

    @shpanky: Also, re: Blondes: Carrie Underwood is the only blonde winner.

    Oh, I forgot, is Jordin Sparks not quite white? If so, that would make 3 of 7.

  12. f1sh3r

    @shpanky: wow did you really say kkkristy? i mean…really? talk about racist.

  13. Charles A. Hohman

    @Jim Thome’s Self-Cleaning Oven: Three of seven winners, yes. But when compared to the multimillions sold by Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Daughtry, Fantasia, Ruben and Jordin have failed to sell impressively outside the “urban” base. With the franchise flagging in ratings and sales, this likely motivated the stunning lack of diversity in the Top 24 (which is decided by the producers, not America). They’ve virtually given up on finding/marketing a “new” Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey who could appeal to a multi-racial, multi-genre audience. (And of course, music industry factors in the last decade play a heavier role in this failure than “Idol” itself. As does “Idol”‘s moralistic embargo against fully embracing hip-hop.)

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: This is accurate, but he still seemed very squeamish about his song selection. I believe he was following his heart as much as I believe Archuleta’s parents played no role in his song selection.

  14. Hamm Beerger

    @ReverendDrGladhands: Dude, Ramiele was heinous this week. She only made it because of the sympathy vote.

    Re: black losers having less that Pickler careers. It’s a genre, not a race, thing. Country sells really well right now, but the R&B market seems to be a bit fickle.

  15. Hamm Beerger

    @Charles A. Hohman: It sounds like you think that the music buying public is racist and that Idol is just reflecting that. That’s fine… I don’t think it’s true, but it’s a reasonable argument.

    But your point about Idol and hip-hop is right on.

  16. creamsissle

    @Jim Thome’s Self-Cleaning Oven: Alternate with “Do I Make You Proud?” for maximum effect.

  17. dsven

    @Charles A. Hohman: Charles, stop looking for a a conspiracy that just ain’t there. Like Jim said, 50% of the winners in 6 seasons have been non-white.

    Anyway, we all know that Chikeze had no hope of winning the whole thing. Whether he was booted 10th or 7th, does it REALLY matter? We all know that Syesha, Kristy Lee, and Ramiele are the next 3 boots, it’s just the matter of order.

    If you really want to get indignant about an issue, try focussing on something less trivial than supposed racial conspiracies on a reality tv/fluff show. How about Tibet instead?

  18. Thierry

    Also, if anyone has a trick for getting “You’re the Voice” out of my head, I would really appreciate it…

  19. Manola

    Is Simon afraid of deportation? Because his kudos to Kristy came out of left field for me

  20. Manola

    @Charles A. Hohman:

    Lest we forget that three out of the six winners of AI happen to be black.

  21. Manola

    @Charles A. Hohman:

    Re. Country is hot, R&B is not:

    This is why Chikezie may want to continue in that bluegrassy vein we saw last week and the week before.

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