Beyonce Dreams About Singing On “Dance Party USA”

Mar 27th, 2008 // Comment

ARTIST: Beyonce
TITLE: “Beautiful Nitemare”
WEB DEBUT: March 26, 2008

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: Purportedly the first single from Beyonce’s next album, which is set to drop later this year, “Beautiful Nitemare” sounds like a departure from the ex-Destiny’s Child frontwoman’s earlier work because it sounds so, well, restrained. Gone are the oddball melodies and key-defying runs that made Beyonce’s older material stick out even more on the radio; in their place is a 100% straightforward dance-pop tune that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Blackout, or maybe even on Judy Torres’ Sunday night freestyle show. (Well, B’s vocals are definitely a lot better trained than those of your average Cover Girl, but that’s 2008 for you.) Of course, this is a rough demo (complete with annoying loop), so maybe she’ll figure out a way to make it more irresistibly grating during the rest of the production process.


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