The Game Still Dreaming That Other Rappers Respect Him

Is there another rapper as pathetic as The Game? Not only does his new single, “Big Dreams,” have almost the same title as “Dreams,” his only top 40 hit to not feature 50 Cent, he’s still a desperate starfucker two albums after achieving the most successful west coast rap release since estranged mentor Dr. Dre’s The Chronic 2001.

He may not imagine Eazy-E and Jam Master Jay talking about him in heaven, or compare his desire to “fuck an R&B bitch” to the aspirations of Martin Luther King, but the third verse of “Big Dreams” is almost as sad as his telling another rapper’s groupie “if you want to hug Dre, then you gotta fuck me” in “Let’s Ride (Strip Club).”

Yo, Jay, What it do n—a? I done rocked enough fellas to be you, n—a I got the 40-40, they my two jiggas I make you holla holla like Ja Rule, n—as! The lion’s in the room, What up, Fat Joe? I’m Curtis Kryptonite and the n—a Joey Crack know Whoever said the Game over must’ve had a hangover Gettin money, my driveway sponsored by Range Rover I got blood diamonds straight outta Angola Wave my red rag in the air, signal Lil’ Wayne over

The song climaxes with “Dr. Dre started it, I ended it!” One is inclined to agree.

The Game, “Big Dreams” [YouTube]