God Denies Fall Out Boy Guinness World Record, Chance To Twirl In Front Of Penguins

Mar 27th, 2008 // 8 Comments

sad%20pete.jpgFall Out Boy’s attempt to set a world record by performing on all seven continents has failed. The band spent the last few days in Chile, waiting for air conditions over Antarctica to improve and debating renting a boat for a brief acoustic set in the Antarctic Circle. (Oh, how I wish they had dared.)

With time and money growing tight, they have admitted defeat. Pete Wentz could barely contain his disappointment: “It’s the worst feeling I’ve felt in Fall Out Boy. [We were,] like, two hours away from being able to do it. … I read that someone compared it to Geraldo opening Capone’s vault, but it’s worse than that, because, like, Capone’s stuff is in there, you just can’t get the light on. There’s no spin for it; we got two hours away from Antarctica and we can’t go.” No word from the unrocked, stormbound researchers who might give a rat’s ass.

Fall Out Boy Cancel Antarctic Trip [MTV]
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  1. Anonymous

    Shhhhh, you hear that?? That’s the sound of nobody caring.

  2. Al Shipley

    I’ll go ahead and repeat the crack I made to Maura earlier: I heard they cancelled their trip to Mexico, too.

  3. twenty-four hour priapism

    Oh cruel gods, starving polar bears will continue to await the arrival of those fucking idiots.

  4. Jon Can Dance

    @instinct after dark: Polar bears live in the Arctic, not Antarctica. Nice try though as I too dislike Fall Out Boy.

  5. twenty-four hour priapism

    @Jon Can Dance: You’re right–I meant starving predatory king crabs.

    (Antarctica is indeed largely devoid of predatory animals, which probably explains Fall Out Boy’s decision to play there in the first place. Pussies.)

  6. Charles A. Hohman

    “Capone’s stuff is in there, you just can’t get the light on.”

    Wait. What? Does this mean we owe Geraldo a huge apology? This analogy makes no sense, and the comparison seems kinda grandiose (charismatic criminal figure vs. Fall Out Boy), but look at the source.

  7. Silverfuture

    No. He means, that comparing it to the Al Capone vault is bad because there was nothing there and Antartica totally exists. DO YOU SEE?

  8. RocketRockit

    “It’s the worst feeling I’ve felt in Fall Out Boy.”

    Well then, Pete, I’d count your blessings.

    This is the best feeling I’ve felt in Fall Out Boy.

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