Liars Provide Latest “<i>They</i> used <i>Them?</i>” Ad Homina-Homina

anthonyjmiccio | March 27, 2008 3:45 am
Liars is a band some find unpredictable and outrageous, while others would call them noise rock’s Sha Na Na. Those who side with the latter opinion will be amused by this Timex ad, which features “Clear Island,” one of the jauntier songs on their recent self-titled release. “I run, I move, I don’t break stride, I control… with Timex.”

Licensing songs from Psychocandy and EVOL might be more expensive than getting them from hungry young bucks like Liars, but somebody should hook an ad agency up with some old school Live Skull or Band Of Susans. Might get their albums back in print!

Live Skull – “Track #1”

Band Of Susans – “The Pursuit Of Happiness”

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