Allow Myself To Introduce… Myself

Mar 28th, 2008 // Comment

AP050219023954.jpgSalutations, Idolator readers: My name is Jeff Weiss and I will be your guest-blogger today. Usually, I issue dubious, drugged screeds at my other Internet outpost, The Passion of the Weiss. Occasionally, I accept shiny beads and metallic tokens to write about music for theLA Weekly and the Los Angeles Times. The remainder of my days are spent drinking Cisco, listening to Crime Mob b-sides and endlessly watching re-reruns of My Two Dads. (They have a name for those who claimed that Paul Reiser was never great prior to Mad About You: Philistines.)

You may be wondering why there is a picture of Manu Ginobli to the left of this post. Well, dear reader, I wanted you to be able to get a mental picture of me in your head and as I have been told on many occasions that I am a dead-ringer for the Argentine-born San Antonio Spur, it seems to make sense. Besides, me and Manu have much in common, not the least of which include a love of basketball, the tango (rose in mouth optional), and the phrases “No Me Digas!” “!Uf!” and “Que Lastima!”

[Photo: AP]


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