Mar 28th, 2008 // 8 Comments

muxy.pngRyan Catbird provides the template for every single one of those muxtapes that have been the biggest thing among the Internet’s chained-to-their-wireless cognoscenti over the past few days. My favorite track: “Whatever” by Some Random Thing Pitchfork Gave An 8.4 To. []


  1. Christopher R. Weingarten


  2. baconfat

    If you listen to Ryan’s Muxtape all the way through, it’s actually a leak of the new Matmos record.

  3. joshservo

    Aww, come on web 2.0! Can’t we just have nice things?

    Also, funny and awesome.

  4. Anonymous

    this is my new favorite toy

  5. Catbirdseat

    If you keep it on repeat for awhile, you start to enter a Zen-like state.

  6. natepatrin

    @Catbirdseat: Enh, the stuff on this playlist is old news. I’m pretty sure I found at least six of these on some MP3 blog.

  7. Anonymous

    this would be funny if dude didn’t post destroyer and bon iver mp3s on his site

  8. mrflip

    I don’t get the joke. Can someone please help explain it to me. []

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