New Blu & Exile Video Puts Rhymefest’s Entire Career In Question

Mar 28th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Its got to be hard being Rhymefest. The guy writes “Jesus Walks” and Kanye gets all the love and acclaim. He signs with Mark Ronson and releases Blue Collar, a decent record memorable only because it managed to be one of Ronson’s rare failures. And now, Blu and Exile come out with the video for “Blue Collar Worker,” one of the finer songs off of the duo’s 2007 LP, Below the Heavens.

While it remains to be seen who will ultimately win the battle for the throne of “Mr. Blue Collar” (the winner receives a free steel lunchbox, a thermos of coffee, and a John Edwards ’08 bumper sticker), my money’s on Blu, if nothing else because his video features Angeleno landmarks like The Record Surplus, Pan-Pacific Park, and the Third Street Promenade. Of course, shopping for records, writing rhymes, and taking a girl shopping hardly seems “blue collar,” but I’m willing to give Blu a free pass on the strength of his liquid flow, soulful beats, and impressive afro. Personally, I can’t wait for his next single, “Two Americas.”

Blu and Exile “Below The Heavens” [YouTube]

  1. ens3000

    RU kidding?! Not that these guys are wack or anything but they can’t f-ck with Rhymefest on the verbals. They both talk about being blue collar like a million MC’s have talked about being trappers, hustlers, players, thugs, gangsters etc. There’s room for the both of them in their niche frankly, I think but there’s no question that ‘Fest is doing it WAY better than them….

  2. Captain Wrong

    Because of ‘Fest I can truthfully say I’ve played on a record with a Grammy winner…for whatever that’s worth. And his original Jesus Walks is better than Kanye’s.

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