How To Make A Reunion Tour Seem A Lot Less Noteworthy

Apr 1st, 2008 // 26 Comments

stone_temple_pilots_01l.gifWeiland, the estranged singer of Velvet Revolver, has teamed up with members of Army Of Anyone and Bomb Shelter Studios owner Eric Kretz for a tour that will hit more than 50 amphitheaters this summer and fall. And this isn’t the only unexpected supergroup that’s formed from music’s bigger names over the years–other groups have also embarked on tours, while a few have even released albums. Other examples after the jump.

• J. Mascis (More Light, Free So Free) and Lou Barlow (EMOH, New Folk Implosion) recently recorded an album with ex-Lemonhead Murph for Fat Possum Records.

Tarzan songwriter Phil Collins went on a world tour in 2007, backed by Mike from Mike + The Mechanics and new age keyboardist Tony Banks.

• Frank Black, following the simultaneous release of his Black Letter Days and Devil’s Workshop, changed his name to “Black Francis” and started a new touring band with Breeder Kim Deal (2002′s Title TK), ex-Martini Joey Santiago and a magician known as The Scientific Phenomalist. They have since recorded a song for the soundtrack to Shrek 2, which was rejected.

The FutureEmbrace rocker Billy Corgan reteamed with Zwan compatriot Jimmy Chamberlain for an album with seven differently colored covers, and bonus tracks specific to the stores and countries where they could be exclusively purchased. On tour they are joined by members of The Lassie Foundation, the Halo Friendlies and a USC Jazz Piano graduate.

• Flin Flon guitarist Mark Robinson performed a one-time engagement in DC with Teenbeat solo artist Phil Krauth and ex-con Bridget Cross.

• Lutist Sting (Songs From The Labyrinth) introduced a new combo with jazz guitarist/film scorer Andy Summers and Oysterhead drummer/film scorer Stewart Copeland at the 2007 Grammy Awards.

Now it looks like singers Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight will be harmonizing on Today with Saw II actor Donnie Wahlberg, Upper Street member Danny Wood, and Jordan’s brother Jonathan, a real estate developer. What insanity could be waiting for us next? Morrissey teamed with a Modest Mouse guitarist? Justin Timberlake hooking up with JC Chasez, a would-be astronaut, the host of The Singing Bee and a dude with bad hair? God only knows.

Stone Temple Pilots Plotting Extensive Tour [Billboard]


  1. Camp Tiger Claw

    I hear a bunch of golfers are going on tour under the name Hootie & The Blowfish.

  2. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    You forgot Dave Gahan (Paper Monsters) who will soon be working on an album with one of the guys from Electonic.

  3. NickEddy

    Velvet Revolver needs to get Coutts in pronto.

  4. Ned Raggett

    @How do I say this … THROWDINI!: Yeah, that would be kinda noteworthy. On at least a couple of fronts.

  5. Whigged

    Vocal gymnast and Vegas hit David Lee Roth is getting ready to restart a tour with former Gary Cherone guitarist Ed Van Halen, his brother Alex, and sophomore in high school bass prodigy Wolfgang Van Halen.

  6. Chris N.

    I understand that Alison Krauss’ duet partner, the former guitarist for The Firm and Diamanda Galas’ producer played a show a few months ago.

  7. Lucas Jensen

    @Chris N.: With the former drummer of Bonham!

  8. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    @Ned Raggett: You mean Bernard Sumner and Martin Gore are not the same person? Crap, my bad.

    What I meant is that Dave Gahan (Paper Monsters) is working on a new album with Martin Gore (Conterfeit). However, their attempts get that guy from Erasure and Yaz to join them on tour are expected to fail.

    /Much less funny the second time.

  9. Thierry

    Has anyone heard the new album from Saul Williams producer and budding actor (Light of Day) Trent Reznor? I heard he recently collaborated on an album of atmospheric instrumentals with Toni Halliday’s husband and a guy who played guitar on Crash Test Dummies’ God Shuffled His Feet and produced some rocking Jars of Clay hits.

  10. Jasonbob7

    Big rumors going round about a collaboration between the rhythm guitarist from Ratdog, the bassist from Phil & Friends, and two percussionists from the Rhythm Devils. No idea who’ll sing and play lead guitar…I wonder whatever happened to the guy with the beard from Old And In the Way?


  11. mike a

    Don’t forget Accelerate, which found movie producer/activist Michael Stipe teaming up with ex-Ministry drummer Bill Riefkin, Minus 5 guitarist and air-rage sufferer Peter Buck, and bassist Mike Mills (known primarily for his poor taste in suits and haircuts).

  12. mike a

    And I hold out hope that Wings’ former frontman manages to reunite with his former drumming cohort, known mostly for his work with Rory Storm & The Hurricanes (and to children as the voice of Thomas the Tank Engine). They hoped to rope in members of the Traveling Wilburys and the Plastic Ono Band – both of whom were unavailable.

  13. Thierry

    @mike a: Also, for being known as “the other Mike Mills”.

  14. Cassiel

    After checking with SNL producer Lorne Michaels that his 30-year-old offer of $3,000 to reunite was still good, techno artist The Fireman and the beloved Conductor from the “Shining Time Station” childrens’ show were seen graveyard-bound with spades in hand, overheard asking after the interment sites for some Hindu guy who played guitar on Cheech and Chong’s “Basketball Jones” and that fellow who sang backing vocals on David Bowie’s “Fame”, you know, the one who used to hang out with Harry Nilsson.

  15. Thierry

    @mike a: Personally, I’d be happy if the guys who scored Open Season and Catch & Release could get together again with the original Golden Smog drummer.

  16. Cassiel

    @mike a: We were typing at the same time, but from what I can gather you’re holding out for some sort of supergroup with Denny Laine, George Carlin, Jeff Lynne, and Klaus Voorman?

  17. Chris N.

    You know, Van Halen’s former singer has reunited with the Satellite Party’s guitarist and the bass player from Tribe of Judah. Smashing Pumpkins’ old manager doesn’t play drums anymore, so they’re getting the guy from Dramagods.


  18. Whigged

    Satellite Party head Perry Farrell is rumored to be considering linking up with Rockstar Supernova host and Carmen Electra ex Dave Navarro and Infectious Grooves drummer Stephen Perkins. Attempts to entice Metallica hopeful Eric Avery have proved unsuccessful, leaving the trio to likely enlist the services of Alanis Morissette bassist Chris Chaney.

  19. Thierry

    @Whigged: Better Chris Chaney than that actor who also did the voice of Donnie in The Wild Thornberrys!

  20. mike a

    Supposedly Ian from the Evens used to be in a band with his business partner Jeff (who was also in the High-Back Chairs), Junkyard guitarist Brian Baker, and record exec/lawyer Lyle Preslar. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard them, but apparently one of their big hits was about construction tools (straight edges or something), and another one was about salad.

  21. Thierry

    @Chris N.: Strange – I heard that Van Halen’s former singer also wanted to reunite with two guys from Van Morrison’s band and Whitesnake’s former drummer.

  22. Ned Raggett

    Actually I heard all these people died in a car crash while shooting up heroin.

  23. NickEddy

    @mike a:

    Yes, the band was called Egg Hunt. Not sure what the other one you are talking about was with the guys from the Meatmen.

  24. revmatty

    @Cassiel: I would pay really good money to see that tour.

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