Kiwi DJs To Pay For Fake Foo Fighter Concert Prank

AP080210032068.jpgApril Fool’s Day is over in New Zealand, and it may have cost some radio DJs their jobs. Seems the good people on Auckland’s “Rock FM” thought they could promote an acoustic Foo Fighters gig at a local venue, where the expecting masses would then by raspberried by DJs as the band’s music played on a boombox. Tee hee! Only it turns out there were a lot more excited Foo fans in the area than the “about fifty” they expected to dupe.

The station began promoting the false concert – an intimate acoustic show by the American rock act at Auckland venue the Powerstation – yesterday morning. They expected around 50 people to turn up for the show this morning – April Fool’s Day – at 8.15am. Instead of an appearance by Dave Grohl and the rest of the popular act, the station planned to play a Foo Fighters album on a tape deck.

But by 5pm yesterday the station was overwhelmed by inquiries and pulled the stunt. It confessed that it was an April Fool’s Day gag and apologised to listeners. Programme director Brad King said the station received inquiries from fans, record labels and promoters. People were booking the day off work and planning to drive or fly to Auckland, he said, and more than 2000 people could have turned up at the venue.

It caused “absolute carnage,” King said. “This is what happens when fools plan April Fool’s jokes. Word spread beyond far and wide.”

King has been quoted as saying “heads have rolled,” but there’s no specific word on whether the DJs or the promotional department that came up with it have actually been fired.

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  • Al Shipley

    The Foos are huge in NZ (their last album went platinum in one week over there, although obvious that takes a lot fewer copies than it would here), so they probably should’ve done the prank with a band that wasn’t quite so popular.

  • Falconfire

    There are some stunts that I feel the DJs should be canned for (the Wee for a Wii one comes to mind) But this is just stupid.

    If someone gets fired for this after management approved it, they should kick back with a nice big fucking lawsuit.

  • El Zilcho!

    They’re just carrying on that proud DJ tradition of being fired on April Fool’s Day.

  • Maura Johnston

    it’s another real-life recreation of a popular internet meme!

  • BakerStreetSaxSolo

    A Foo Fighters gig at 8:15am on April Fools Day? If anyone booked flights to see that, they deserve to lose their money for being so fucking stupid.