Jared Leto Finally Acting A Bit Like Jordan Catalano Again

Apr 3rd, 2008 // 2 Comments

jordan.jpg When heartbroken friends sigh about the transformation of Jared Leto from TV dreamboat to emo assclown, my natural reaction is to laugh long and hard, for reasons jealous and Brian Krakow-like in nature. But when I read that Leto tried to yank some posters off the walls at CBGB during its demolition, I smiled a little.

The actor/rocker was walking past the famous venue as demolition experts were in the process of tearing the club down – and he decided to go in and take a last look. But Leto stood around for too long, and when workmen noticed him in among the rubble he was asked to move on. Leto says, “I walked inside thinking I was gonna rip some posters off the wall. “Some guy came in next to me and he had on an old leather jacket and you could tell he used to hang there. He said, ‘Oh man, this is so sad. I can’t believe this. I’m gonna rip something off the wall.’ “As he did, I just stood there looking around and then some people booted me out of there.”

In case you’ve forgotten, Jordan Catalano was all about the Bowery:

Timely? Perhaps not. But between articles about Chapter 27 and the ongoing national tragedy that is 30 Seconds To Mars, I felt all you Angelas should know about this.



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