Perez Hilton Breaks Sony BMG Embargo After 24 Hours In Interest Of Self-Promotion

You just know that the “news” of the Sony BMG-signed John Mayer making out with the rainbow-haired gossipeuse is going to result in a directive from the VP of publicity at the company to all the promoters dealing with its male artists, telling them to get their tongues wagging in Perezzers’ general direction ASAP in an effort to work around his “ban” on the label’s artists. (And maybe Beth Ditto, since she seems like she’d be up for some gender-bending.) [Perez Hilton]

  • rad_matter

    Maybe Perez is subliminally dissing Sony because he claims that he kissed John Mayer for five minutes.

    Then again if Perez hasn’t learned by now that he can buy Adobe Photoshop for only a few hundred dollars…