Full Lollapalooza Line-Up Announced, Perry Peeved At “Pepe Le Pew”

AP97120502245.jpgPerry Farrell thinks little of Jim DeRogatis, the Chicago Sun-Times writer who leaked this year’s headliners for Lollapalooza. “This guy, he’s a stinker, so it was kind of like having a skunk at the party. So what do we do? Well, I think we should make him the stinky mascot. … That’s what I’m going to do. … Pepe LePew,” sneered the festival figurehead and lost cause. Responded Jim, “Wasn’t Pepe the one who always got the girls? What the heck is wrong with that?” Actually, Pepe didn’t get the girls, DeRo. Pepe was an overly amorous skunk that pathologically assaulted cats that had accidentally walked against wet paint. And the cats didn’t like it. Anyhooo, the full line-up for Lollapalooza, which takes place Aug. 1-3 in Chicago, is out now. Behold!

Rage Against the Machine
Nine Inch Nails
Kanye West
The Raconteurs
Louis XIV
Love and Rockets
Gnarls Barkley
Bloc Party
The Black Keys
Broken Social Scene
Lupe Fiasco
Flogging Molly
Mark Ronson
Cat Power
The National
G. Love & Special Sauce
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
Explosions in the Sky
Brand New
Gogol Bordello
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
Dierks Bentley
Okkervil River
Amadou & Mariam
Blues Traveler
John Butler Trio
Girl Talk
Your Vegas
Eli “Paperboy” Reed & the True Loves
Steel Train
Jamie Lidell
Bang Camaro
Butch Walker
The Blakes
Mates of State
Tally Hall
Spank Rock
White Lies
Brazilian Girls
Magic Wands
Electric Touch
The Kills
The Postelles
Rogue Wave
The Parlor Mob
The Go! Team
Bald Eagle
Mason Jennings
The Gutter Twins
Ha Ha Tonka
Grizzly Bear
We Go To 11
Sofia Talvik
The Weakerthans
Booka Shade
Black Kids
Black Lips
Dr. Dog
Nicole Atkins & the Sea
The Ting Tings
Kid Sister
The Cool Kids
What Made Milwaukee Famous
Does It Offend You, Yeah?
The Whigs
Manchester Orchestra
The Octopus Project
Cadence Weapon
De Novo Dahl
Noah and the Whale
Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s
Serena Ryder
Newton Faulkner

Perry Farrell is also excited to make some “unique content” for iTunes.

This year, we have an amazing concept going. For the first time ever, we’re going to be working with iTunes, and we’re going to be creating unique content, so we’re going to have collaborations — people collaborating on songs — and then put them on iTunes, and then they’ll perform them at Lollapalooza for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. These will be recorded in a studio, but of course because we can share files online, we don’t have to be in the same place at the same time — we have finishing studios all over the world for the artists to finish the piece off. We’ll start to talk with Radiohead about putting them with someone they’d like to collaborate with, tell them how it’s going to go down.

You’re going to tell Radiohead how it’s going to go down, Perry? Radiohead answers to no one, dude.

Lollapalooza Mastermind Perry Farrell Reveals That Lupe Fiasco Will Perform, Calls Lineup Leaker ‘The Evil Mascot’ [VH1]
Perry, Pepe and the full Lollapalooza lineup for 2008 [Chicago Sun Times]

  • Lax Danja House

    yesss Butch Walker. Pity I’ll likely not be going this year ugh

  • Ned Raggett

    Between that photo and Miccio bringing the truth about Pepe it’s already a great morning.

  • hugnkiss

    Blues Traveler? Um, yay? Now I can relive my experience at the HORDE fest in 1996. Now if we could just get Rusted Root on board I can pretend I’m back in high school.

  • Anonymous

    I had no idea that Louis XIV were still around, let alone ranked above The National. (Not that this is the actual billing list, right?)

  • the rich girls are weeping

    @hugnkiss: OMG, I took my BFF’s little brother to the Hoarde tour that year as a bar mitzvah present. We left in the middle of the Blues Traveler set, we were bored. Lenny Kravitz, however, ruled.

    @Varina: Gormless college kids love ‘em. They semi-packed Irving Plaza (or whatever it’s called now) recently. I was there for the openers though, and didn’t bother to stay and watch the carnage.

  • Anonymous

    Pepe DID get the girls, and while he may have been overly, um, enthusiastic at times, his romantic inclinations were not unreciprocated. From Wiki:

    “”Pepe’s behavior is not entirely one-sided, as Penelope Pussycat has been shown to actually be very much in love with Pepé, trying schemes in several cartoons to rid him of his odor so she can be with him”

    So there.

  • Anthony Miccio

    @JimDeRo: You might want to read that wiki a
    little closer, Jim. While there evidently were three cartoons which
    branched away from the standard ‘whimsical would-be rapist’ routine,
    Pepe didn’t actually “get” the girl in any of them, as he’s evidently
    afraid of intense affection. Thank god, too! I mean, do you really want
    to watch a skunk get down with a cat? That’s gross.

    Thank you for engaging me in a debate about this, btw.

  • Clevertrousers

    @JimDeRo: This brings up another good point. Pepe was always after the SAME cat: Peneople Pussycat. To me it seems more like a very, very dysfunctional relationship involving mutual stalking than Pepe being some kind of random cat-rapist. So, um, there’s that…

  • LeighBlack

    If I didn’t hate hipsters so completely, I’d go just for Butch Walker.

  • Rob Murphy

    Mark Ronson
    * * *
    Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

    Rampant and uninformed speculation — keep an ear open for talk of Amy Winehouse maybe getting involved…

  • hugnkiss

    @Rob Murphy: Yeah, I dunno. She performed at Lolla last year and she was beyond horrible. That festival runs things to the exact minute. Absolutely no one goes on late — and she hit the stage about 15 minutes past her scheduled time. I’d be surprised if they wanted to deal with her this year.

  • tigerpop

    Eli “Paperboy” Reed steals the fucking show. Dag.

  • katieee

    Perry’s just steamed because of some criticism DeRogatis threw his way last year regarding the increased presence of corporate sponsorship, etc. at Lollapalooza. Not to mention its inane choke hold on summer concert bookings in Chicago – bands can’t play there within either 60 or 90 days (depending on their placement in the lineup) of playing the festival.

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