Mya Just Can’t Catch A Break

Apr 10th, 2008 // 6 Comments

mya_2_500.jpg“The secret talents of celebrities will remain hidden. CBS is axing its new reality show “Secret Talents of the Stars” after only one episode. The first airing Wednesday had former Star Trek actor George Takei singing ‘On the Road Again.’ Only 4.6 million people tuned in–and thousands tuned away as the hour continued. The reality show also had Clint Black doing standup comedy and Mya tap-dancing. ” Eesh. Well, at the very least her “secret talent” should get her a second look from the people booking the next run of Dancing With The Stars. [AP]


  1. ReverendDrGladhands

    I had no idea that Mya could actually do the things that she does in her videos, and live performances. Whooda thunk?

  2. summeroflove

    I saw this in the listings and thought it was a pretty good idea. Not good enough, however, to tune in….

  3. Anonymous

    Do her divorced parents still manage her failing career? This girl can’t seem to catch a break….

  4. Charles A. Hohman

    Now, we’ll never get to see Danny Bonaduce become a circus performer. Unless he joins Cirque du Soleil, which I hope he does.

  5. Anonymous

    Her love is like “whoa”. At least she’s got that going for her.

  6. CloudCarrier

    It could have been wonderful, but it was no Circus of the Stars.

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