Death Cab Debut Long-Ass Video

Apr 14th, 2008 // 8 Comments

A girl travels the world while Death Cab For Cutie rock out in a freezer for over eight minutes in “I Will Posses Your Heart.” It’s a pretty ominous song for these guys, at least until Ben Gibbard shows up just over halfway through to remind us who we’re listening to. The video features two of my favorite video cliches: a glare of light reflecting off the camera (very David Fincher) and water (or glitter, confetti or milk) being hit off of drum heads. [YouTube]


  1. tigerpop

    the new album kinda sucks. there, i said it.

  2. jopari actually likes the G1, thank you very much.

    @tigerpop: You haven’t heard the new album. There, I said it.

  3. loudersoft

    @jopari tigerpop was merely making pre-emptive statement of the obvious, which is that you don’t have to hear it to know it sucks. there, i said it.

  4. Anonymous

    I’d rather be trapped in a supermarket meat locker for eight DAYS than watch that video again.

  5. pitchfag

    I want their next single to be a cover of The Rainbow Connection, thus proving my theory that Gibbard is slowly turning into Kermit The Frog.

  6. FionaScrapple

    Who in the hell could sit through that?

  7. tigerpop

    @jopari: Oh yes I have. Wanna fight?

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