Toby Keith, Willie Nelson, And The Nuge To Play Musical Vigilantes

Apr 14th, 2008 // 9 Comments

AP050424016702.jpgRemember “Beer For My Horses?” It’s a song by Toby Keith and Willie Nelson about things were better back when we used to lynch troublemakers. The video, which plays like an episode of CSI with extra soul patch, was evidently enough of a hit that Toby’s going to make a movie based on it! And if you’re going to make a movie about a bunch of rootin’-tootin’ singers dishing out street justice, of course you’ll have to include Ted Nugent as Skunk Tarver, “an uppity, defiant, long-haired, over-the-top rock ‘n’ roll deputy sheriff in Jackson County, Okla., who loves bowhunting and guns.” The Nuge wrote all about it in his weekly column for the Waco Tribune.

Well, since so many music fans so dearly embraced Toby’s clever hit song and video featuring him and our good Texas friend, Willie Nelson, why not go the whole nine yards? Why not an entire feature-length movie around it?

Why not indeed.

…Willie Nelson returns as a traveling gypsy circus operator and more familiar Hollywood star actors like Tom Skerritt, Claire Forlani and Barry Corbin bring some magical moments to the screen.

Old Skunk — that’s me — will leave you laughing from the belly, I assure you. Plus, he shoots flaming arrows at corrupt Mexican federales. That is worth the price of admission for people who dream of justice south of the border. Good entertainment.

Actually, the real star is a lovable American bulldog named Junior. He twists his body into pretzel-like contortions as he aggressively licks certain anatomical locations of his canine self for sheer comedic humor. And he eventually saves the day.

The dog is adorable. We became best of friends.

….We expect this fun movie to show up in a theater near you sometime in August or September this year. Though my acting experiences are limited to but a few films and TV shows, I have the feeling that this will be the perfect movie for the whole family. It is PG-13 where the good guys win and old Skunk shows how the mystical flight of the arrow is a beautiful thing when in the right hands.

Personally, I’m banking on a straight-to-DVD release this Christmas.

And now, the mystical flight of the arrow.


Ted Nugent: ‘Beer for My Horses,’ the movie, and Nuge, big-screen cut-up [Waco Tribune Via Rolling Stone]
Ted Nugent Shoots G’Tar with Flaming Arrow [Youtube]


  1. loudersoft

    Kinda makes me sad to think that this is the same Willie Nelson who so beautifully remade Townes Van Zandt’s “Pancho & Lefty” into a hit with Merle Haggard.


  2. AcidReign

        Willie Nelson will play with ANYONE, regardless of genre. That’s pretty cool of him. Getting involved with this ridiculous production? Not so much…

  3. iantenna

    @loudersoft: seriously? that was always one the absolute low points of his career to me. taking one of the most beautiful songs of all time and ruining it with the standard lame 80s nashville production values.

  4. loudersoft

    @iantenna: that was my attempt at pointing out the lack of irony and i can see that i failed

  5. iantenna

    @loudersoft: AH. halfway through that response i stopped and thought, this dude can’t be serious, can he? the fact that i didn’t get it makes it even stronger. jokes on me.

  6. iantenna

    @loudersoft: oh, also, at least when he butchered that song he got dude a significant amount of publishing money, there’s no redeeming value to the shit written about in this item.

  7. Chris N.

    I can’t be expected to sift through this many levels of irony when they’re being applied to Ted Nugent.

  8. ByeBye

    Anything with Toby Keith must be avoided. Seriously – his restaurant in OKC is mediocre – AT BEST. Willie Nelson I have a little bit of respect because he literally likes just about every genre of music out there, but Ted Nugget (yes, I know what I said – ha ha ha…not really funny) is crazy – but to play the Sheriff from Jackson County? Really? From Crap-Hole town of Altus, Oklahoma (lived there for nine years, it was hell, plus my son still lives there) – YIKES. This can only go over not good. Anyone else agree?

  9. MrStarhead

    @TheManator: I agree wholeheartedly, but I’m about two weeks late to this party.

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