Bill Cosby’s Rap Album Will Not Feature Any Bill Cosby Freestyles

Apr 15th, 2008 // 16 Comments

silverthroatcosbyalbulm.jpgYes, it’s true: Bill Cosby’s long-awaited hip-hop album, which drops next month and is supposedly going to serve as a corrective to the scorched-earth landscape that Cosby sees as the current commercial hip-hop world, will feature rhymes written, but not performed, by the Fat Albert creator/patterned sweater aficionado. Why? Because, he told the AP, “I wouldn’t know how to fix my mouth to say some of the words.” Can’t he just channel Jeffrey? OK, that was 25 years ago, but still.

The album, assembled by Cosby’s longtime musical collaborator Bill “Spaceman” Patterson, contains rhymes provided by guest rappers. The subject matter? “The value of an education. The value of respecting one’s self and … giving (listeners) a chance to raise their self-esteem and confidence,” Cosby said.

Patterson said he was surprised when Cosby first inquired about making a rap record — until the comedian revealed he wouldn’t be the one doing the rapping.

“People started speculating, is he going to rap about Jell-O Pudding Pops or what?” Patterson said. “But he’s always been involved in music and he was there for the first generation of spoken word. … He has always understood rap’s potential, but he was appalled by the foul language and the misogyny — the way people used a medium that could be used to elevate people, to open their eyes and provoke thought.”

The list of guest MCs for Cosby Narratives Vol. 1: State of Emergency hasn’t been released to the public yet, thus setting up even more speculation for a Malcolm Jamal-Warner appearance.

Bill Cosby goes hip hop with album to be released in May; rhymes provided by guest rappers [AP; HT Matablog/MTS]


  1. loudersoft

    I would buy an album by Bill Cosby and the Jell-O Pudding Pops Symphony Orchestra.

    Rap, I dunno.

  2. loudersoft

    Comments are being funky again, Maura…

  3. El Zilcho!

    Is it going to have this classic?

  4. iamlovebot

    i really hope it sounds anything at all like this .

  5. Anonymous

    So I guess “Big Booty Rudy” isn’t gonna be on the album. Damn. I’m still hoping for a track with The-Yo.

  6. Anonymous

    This is going to be EPIC.

  7. NickEddy

    Check it:

    A sample of Rudy saying “you’re like a teacher in the summer – no class”


    sample from “Sexy MF” of “shakin’ that ass, shakin’ that ass…”


    Cos himself just randomly going “mmm, yesss…”


    Summer’s here!

  8. NickEddy

    Clarification: Rudy from Fat Albert gang, not from the Huxtables. Saving her for something else…

  9. SuperUnison

    This could actually be even better than the one Macho Man Randy Savage did a few years back. Except for instead of calling out Hulk, Cosby will probably go after Dave Chappelle for promoting the Marijuana sticks that make the kids dance all crazy with the brain damage and raping white women.

  10. Anonymous

    This can’t be any less awkward than seeing Rudy Huxtable in that Chingy video from a few years back.

  11. loudersoft

    I hope it’s at least as good as the Fat Albert live action movie was.

  12. Anonymous

    Jammin on the one, Jammin on the one

  13. mike a

    It’s hard to see how this is anything but a setup for failure. This has the potential to be almost as influential as “Dope: The Big Lie” by Chunky A. (Does this make Cosby Chunky B?)

    Apparently Silver Throat featured he Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. That would make this more credible.

  14. tigerpop

    @mike a: Whoa there–dissin’ on Chunky A? What’s next, Chris Gaines?

  15. Clevertrousers

    Ya’ll whippesnappers think the Cos in new to hip-hop?

    The man was rhyming and beatboxing back in ’69:


  16. Anonymous

    The first single better have a Picture Page interactive music video.

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