Weezer’s Art Director Teaches Herself How To Use The 3-D Renderer

Apr 15th, 2008 // 17 Comments


Although judging by the snippet of “Pork & Beans” that made its way to Amazon yesterday, this cover art may represent a new level of creativity for the band.

Weezer – Pork & Beans [Hype Machine]

  1. AL

    Between the artwork and title, I can’t decide which is worse.

  2. loudersoft

    I have a vision of two long slender arms pointing in opposite directions. What’s that? Oh look….it’s Steve Martin doing the “King Tut” dance. It’s….magical.

  3. loudersoft

    Oh, and while the lyrics are pretty cornballish, the music contained in that clip is purely Weezer at its power pop finest. I mean, I forgive them for the abortion that was their last album if this one turns out to be any good at all.

  4. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    @loudersoft: Are you sure its not the “Walk Like An Egyptian” video?

  5. loudersoft

    @How do I say this … THROWDINI!: What’s really messed up is that I was originally going to say that but I opted to throwback a little further.

  6. Vince Neilstein

    Rivers has an enourmous Van Halen fetish. They had that logo in huuuuge lit-up letters as the back drop of their stage when I saw them circa 2000.

  7. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    @loudersoft: It worked out better this way, because I would not have pulled the King Tut reference myself. This gave me something smart ass to say, rather than get actual work done.

    I’m actually waiting for this to turn into a Weezer sucks/Weezer rocks/Weezer used to rock but now sucks-thread like most Weezer posts. Have we reached Weezer fatigue people?

  8. Chris Molanphy

    I don’t get it – why are they abandoning the photo-of-the-four-frumpily-dressed-band-members-against-a-colored-background trope now? Did Make Believe kill it off for good?

    MB was a disappointment, but I’d hardly call it “an abortion.” I suspect most old-school fans are transferring their understandable hatred of “Beverly Hills” to the rest of the album. It had at least a couple of worthy songs, including “Perfect Situation” and “This Is Such a Pity.”

  9. jfk1624

    @How do I say this … THROWDINI!: but really, Weezer DOES rock…forever and always.

  10. mhale0

    I sort of like the artwork. Good color choices.

  11. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    @jfk1624: I can pretty much agree with that. My thought is that while while Make Believe wasn’t great, there were some good songs and the endless hours of joy I got (and still get) from listening to Pinkerton compels me to puchase all of River’s later efforts. At least for the forseeable future. But that’s just me.

  12. TheRunningboard7

    I like the art, but that title… not so good. Makes the movie/book “Blood & Chocolate” sound like ad wizardry.

  13. Dick Laurent is dead.


  14. Anonymous

    If you stare at it long enough, you can see their credibility. Oh, wait, nevermind.

  15. jus10j

    Did anybody bother to check Weezer’s site? This is the probably the single cover. The album’s still just going to be self-titled again. The first single is “Pork and Beans.”

    Just saying, don’t write it off because it’s not “Pinkerton.” Artists change. Covers will change. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

  16. Anonymous

    weezer has gone downhill since pinkerton. but my fav will always be the blue album. why can’t they make another sweater song?

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