Axl Rose Will Not Be Visiting The Confessional Anytime Soon

Apr 15th, 2008 // 6 Comments

wenn821160.jpgRumors that Axl Rose would be promoting/financing the release of Guns N’ Roses’ many-fortnights-in-the-works album Chinese Democracy via a reality show chronicling its final stages are 100% untrue, according to Rose’s longtime associate Del James. In a terse statement on the band’s official site, James said “Guns N’ Roses will not be appearing on any reality TV program to promote their forthcoming album, Chinese Democracy, or for any other reason…. The reality TV rumors started a little while ago and have taken on an Internet life of their own, but there is no truth to any of this.” I wonder if that also means that the source tipping off, the site that initially reported the rumors of the show, was also fibbing about Chinese Democracy being delivered to execs? Ah, Internet. Anyway, those of you who still want to get your GNRTV fill can enjoy a chunk of the 1989 MTV Rockumentary about the band–including William Bailey’s famous “A-X-L, click” explanation of his nom de guerre–after the jump.

Guns N’ Roses Rockumentary [YouTube]
[Photo: WENN]


  1. Anonymous

    Del James, short story writer extraordinaire, is also a media representative? What CAN’T that man do!

  2. NeverEnough

    He was also an extra is “Novermeber Rain” so you can add ‘actor’ to his impressive CV.

  3. Sniffle

    I thought AXL ROSE was an anagram for ORAL SEX

  4. Anonymous

    @Sniffle: Me, too. I’m sticking with that belief. This “click” story is boring.

  5. Anonymous

    @Sniffle: Since Rose is his real family name, I just figured the oral sex thing was a happy accident.

  6. Sniffle


    Bailey is his family name. William Bailey.

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