Apr 15th, 2008 // 4 Comments

stma4.gifThe Soul Train Music Awards, “which have largely been ignored by the African-American stars the event aims to honor,” according to Reuters, are no longer. The 22nd installment of the awards show has been cancelled, two years after the syndicated show that spawned it was taken off the air. No official reason for the cancellation was given, but surely being relegated to 1 a.m. slots on MyNetworkTV affiliates and not even getting an updated Web presence didn’t really help the ceremony’s case. [Reuters]


  1. Chris Molanphy

    This is kind of sad. I always felt like their niche prizes, like the Lady Of Soul Award, were meaningful (even if they did give it Ashanti that one year).

  2. Anonymous

    I heart any and everything Soul Train, so for me this is really sad. Plus, this was the one awards event where musicians still broke out the bell-bottoms and the colored sequins.

  3. Clevertrousers

    I was hunting for a good Don Cornelius clip… but this is frickin awesome…

    You kids can keep your grunge nostalgia… I wouldn’t trade in my ’70s childhood for all the flannel in the world.

  4. Clevertrousers

    And it just gets better:

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