Sub Pop’s 20th Anniversary Festival: Stop Me Before I Start Camping Out Now

Apr 15th, 2008 // 25 Comments

greenriver.gifAs rumored back in October, the legendary Seattle band Green River, which featured future members of Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, and Love Battery during its too-short career, will reunite for the Sub Pop 20th anniversary party, scheduled for July 12 and 13 at Seattle’s Marymoor Park. Not only will the show also feature hiatus-breaking performances by Red Red Meat, Seaweed, and the Fluid as well, it’ll have sets by current acts like Low and No Age. And Mudhoney, obviously. Tickets go on sale April 26! I hope I can meet the guy who runs the grunge-history blog lamestain while I’m there, because I really owe that dude a drink. Full announced lineup after the jump.

Green River
Red Red Meat
The Fluid
Beachwood Sparks
Fleet Foxes
Flight of the Conchords
Grand Archives
The Helio Sequence
Iron & Wine
No Age
Wolf Parade
Pissed Jeans
The Ruby Suns

Sub Pop Celebrates 20th With Seattle Bash [Billboard]

  1. righteousmaelstrom

    If they can get Velocity Girl on that bill, I am there.

  2. Oface

    Please tell me that flannel shirts, combat boots, and koolaid dye jobs are coming back into fashion.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @ShearGenius: God, I hope so.

  4. Anonymous

    Smelly people in Seattle are STOKED.

  5. Oface

    @Maura Johnston: I think I still have all my stuff in a box somewhere… for a rainy day. Or the return of grunge.

  6. MC

    I would also like to see these acts on the bill please, reunion or otherwise:

    Big Chief
    Love Battery
    Thee Headcoats
    Les Thugs
    Reverend Horton Heat
    Gutter Twins
    Six Finger Satellite
    Dwarves (come home, all is forgiven)
    The Thrown Ups
    Icky Joey (duh)
    or anything else featuring Ed Fotheringham

    If they book at least 5 of the above acts I will book a trip. As it currently stands, despite the cool news about The Fluid, it looks like too much boring current Sub Pop roster and not enough cool old Sub Pop roster.

  7. MTS

    @ShearGenius: I went from owning no flannel/plaid to 4 shirts of the stuff in the past year. The only person rejoicing is my inner 15 -year old.

  8. baconfat

    The world is most definitely ready for a Spinanes reunion.

  9. baconfat

    The world is definitely ready for a Spinanes reunion about now.

  10. Maura Johnston

    @righteousmaelstrom: @baconfat: 10000% agreement with both of you!!!!

  11. Ned Raggett

    I keep saying — no Blood Circus no credibility. (Just because I think it would be great to hear “Six Feet Under” live.)

  12. Luke N Atmaguchi

    THEY WERE: creators of some of the lowest-fi sludge in the whole Sub Pop catalog. THEY HAVE: already been reunion touring the past couple years. THEY’RE FROM: a place called Moncton . . .

    Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome _ _ _ _ ‘ _ _ _ _ _ !!!


    P.S. Were still getting it done last October at Pop Montreal.

  13. Wasp vs Stryper

    Wait, what, no Blitzen Trapper????? Where the hell is Blitzen Trapper????

    I am packing up my best kinderwhore frock and dirty long johns as we speak!

    Also, I would like to receive a handwritten, irreverant press release from the lovely Jennie Boddy and I also want a Cat Butt hand pressed sticker in the giftbag.

  14. Wasp vs Stryper

    @MC: OMG I think I have a crush on you….

    Also, does anyone ever secretly pine for a TwinTone festival (maybe even pre Restless buyout TwinTone) festival? We could all go hangout in Minneapolis and blog with Ross Raihala…..

  15. essdog

    @MC: If Gutter Twins and Dwarves make the bill, I’m so there. This probably won’t happen :-(

  16. the rich girls are weeping

    Am I the only person totes underwhelmed by this? *yawn*

    I’m with various people above. Velocity Girl, the Spinanes? That would be rad. This lineup? Not so much.

    On a related note, I recently bought a pair of purple metallic 10-hole docs for rainy days. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them; I get lots of comments, too — generally from women my age who are like, “Oh, I need to start wearing those again!!!”

  17. WHAD1

    Me, I want the Walkabouts. Though Fastbacks strikes me as the biggest must.

  18. Anonymous

    Did I miss the 20th Anniversary Lookout! festival? I’m having a major 1994 CRC flashback hearing Maura talk about the Spinanes and Velocity Girl. Next thing you know, Lubetkin and Coffee are going to walk in and ask if anyone wants to go to Clarke’s with them.

  19. essdog

    @the rich girls are weeping: I miss wearing docs…they were so comfy. Maybe I’ll break out my plaid ones soon.

  20. the rich girls are weeping

    @essdog: I know! And come in so many super-cute designs now. I’m lusting after the neon-pink patent ones, even if that will make me look like a 17-year-old British celebutante.

  21. thearcanemodel

    let’s not forget seaweed people!

    @Maura Johnston: ditto. recently found out that rebecca gates is actually headlining a show here in chicago next week. not sure if it’s a one-off or what that’s about.

    re: velocity girl, archie moore has recently resurfaced with a project called bye! (the punctuation is part of the name…) i’m digging it. the songs myspace seem to be a nice melding of both the noisier and sixties pop tendencies of his previous ensembles, but not cloying or overly retro on either count. []

    (i am not a ringer for slumberland records, this just excited me greatly.)

    @clevername: did you all go to northwestern? that gave me flashbacks of my own…

  22. Oface

    All this Doc talk makes me want to take a trip to Journeys and buy some.

  23. Plague

    You forgot CATBUTT!

  24. stephenbush

    Hey guys, at least the Shins aren’t playing…

  25. Anonymous

    Hazel anyone? I was specifically logging on to say “FUCK!! GET THE SPINANES!!!” but I am clearly behind the times. Velocity Girl only if they don’t play “I Can’t Stop Smiling” and of flipping course the Fastbacks. What about The Grifters doing all of Ain’t My Lookout right before Red Red Meat hits the stage….c’mon Sub Pop – where’s the true effort?

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