Hot Chip To Rock For Zune, Play iTunes Festival

Apr 16th, 2008 // Comment

AP060407029978.jpgMan, those Hot Chip guys sure love irony. They’re in the middle off a month-long tour promoting Zune (remember Zune?) that will take them to Coachella–and then they’re headed to Berlin to do their post-modern thing at the iTunes Festival! So whether you prefer AAC or WMA, you can easily get your hands on the best album of 2008. But which company does the band have more love for?

• Zune claims ownership of weekly “set of exclusive video podcasts from Hot Chip’s most recent UK tour,” but word of the iTunes Festival is the first thing you see on the band’s Web site.
• There’s also no reference to Zune in regards to the band’s U.S. dates.
• In the “Buy albums” sidebar there’s a link to iTunes for The Warning and no mention of the Zune Marketplace.
• Zune announced that Hot Chip was its “Ignition” artist in February (which “gives recording artists with new releases a unique channel to potentially reach tens of millions of consumers!”), but there’s no reference to this anywhere on the band’s site.
• Instead, on Jan. 29 whoever’s writing Hot Chip’s news section announced that iTunes was selling a “remix bundle” and a “bonus track bundle” for the single “Ready For The Floor.”

You’d think Zune would demand some recognition for the tour support and the heavy on-site promotion they’ve given, but maybe they’re just happy to be in the same room with an act that debuted at No. 109 on the Billboard Top 200.

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