Roots Resurrect Hendrix (Or At Least Wyclef) On “The Colbert Report”

Apr 16th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Ok, so “The Roots” played “The Star-Spangled Banner” on The Colbert Report last night, right? Only it was ?uestlove, a touring bassist who joined less than a year ago, and a guitarist who signed on in 2003. Call me old-fashioned, but it just ain’t the Roots without Kamal playing keyboard ostinatos and somebody beatboxing on top. If you want a tribute to Woodstock, why not just let Wyclef and (I’m sure he knows how to play bass) join ?uestlove in some sort of left-leaning rap supergroup? Call it WQW! The Black Root ‘Gees! Probama! [Comedy Central]

  1. Al Shipley

    Colbert and John Legend dueted on the national anthem on Monday, so I’m guessing they’ll be doing this every night for the week the show is in Pennsylvania. I liked what The Roots did when I saw them last year with the cover of “Masters of War” where one verse was sung in the “Star Spangled Banner” melody.

  2. Mr. Guy

    no black thought, no Hud, no kamal, no scratch… i love the roots, but the roots this was not.

  3. brainchild

    hub’s been out of the band for awhile now. new bass player is Owen Biddle.

  4. Anonymous

    Whatever. It was tight LOL.

  5. Defenestrated

    Here we are, this is what I was talking about in that “birthday girl” post.

    On second viewing, it was less inspired than maybe I wanted it to be. Coulda been an excellent opportunity for a protest piece.

  6. GhostOfDuane

    Roots also do a badass Machine Gun jam.

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