Kristy Lee Gets Cooked (About Four Weeks Past Her Sell-By Date)

Apr 17th, 2008 // 2 Comments

kristyyyy.jpgAfter weeks and weeks of her staying behind while more worthy candidates were sent packing–and a “who’s in the bottom three?” charade that came off more like a game of Red Rover–Kristy Lee Cook was eliminated from American Idol last night. (I was so sure, upon finding out who was in the bottom three, that Syesha would be sent home, but I suppose that would have been too cruel of a trick during “diva week.”) After the jump, relive the moment where everyone gets offended by Simon actually saying that Kristy’s time was probably up, even though it was pretty obvious that she was living on borrowed charm from the moment that she pulled the Hail Mary move of singing “God Bless The USA.”

American Idol Top 7 Kristy Lee Cook Is Eliminated [RedLasso]
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  1. Charles A. Hohman

    I actually grew to like Kristy Lee. Her Beatles week performances weren’t as bad as everyone said, and I admired her audacity. But when she was boring (as she was this week), she was insufferable. So I’m glad Syesha got another week.

    Did anybody think Brooke seemed more upset about Kristy’s exit than Kristy did? Man, Brooke’s elimination is gonna be a train wreck.

    Also, when Archuleta said he’s never been happier, I was totally hoping for Seacrest to pull another dick move, and be like, “David, your happiness is coming to an end.” No such luck.

  2. Al Shipley

    There are no longer too many Cooks, but the broth has already been spoiled.

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