Apr 17th, 2008 // 13 Comments

pnb.jpgWeezer’s new single, the not particularly aptly titled “Pork And Beans,” can now be streamed on the band’s Web site. “Timbaland knows the way to rush the top of the charts/ maybe if I work with him I can perfect the art.” Maybe a song that opens with a Rogaine ref can tap that Nickelback “Rock Star” market, but I doubt this desperate meta will prove more successful in the long run than those songs about young nerds wishing they could find love. [Weezer]

  1. Chris N.

    There were always plenty of cans of pork and beans in the house when I was a kid. Vienna sausages, too. And deviled ham. Just lots of dead pig.

  2. ---

    Wonder what Bettie Serveert thinks about this title…

  3. tigerpop

    This is the best Weezer song in 12 years. Anyone with me?

  4. feller

    if this isn’t the best song since pinkerton then it’s still pretty damn close.

  5. jfk1624

    LOVE it.

  6. sparkletone

    You know. The lyrics are cringe-inducing in places, but the melody, and the backing track are both really great.


  7. cassidy2099

    The lyrics seem to be a sneering blast against people who would dare say that new Weezer isn’t as good as old Weezer. Tough titty, Rivers.

  8. Anonymous

    That was actually kind of great, though my expectations have been lowered considerably since Make Believe.

  9. El Zilcho!

    Lyrically, I don’t love it. Musically, it’s great.

    But it’s still not enough to get me excited for a new Weezer album.

  10. tigerpop

    Anyone complaining about Weezer’s lyrics clearly hasn’t listened to Weezer before.

  11. Absorber

    I mean, I don’t want to get my hopes up, but this song sounds like a true return to form and WEEZER IS BACKKKK!!!!!

    oh god. too late.

  12. Weezy F Baby

    @tigerpop: you clearly havent listened to pinkerton, friend!

  13. tigerpop

    @Weezy F Baby: Listened to it? I memorized it.

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