Lily Allen Hops Off Her Bike And Takes Off In A Too-Sleek Sportscar

Apr 17th, 2008 // 3 Comments

lilyallen.jpgARTIST: Lily Allen
TITLE: “I Don’t Know” / “I Could Say”
WEB DEBUT: April 17, 2008

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: In her blog post announcing that she’d added some new “shizzle” to her MySpace page, Lily Allen said that her music was going in a new direction–and sure enough, the stitched-together samples that made Alright, Still… a fine summertime album are pretty much gone. In their place is some smoothed-out synthpop that on first pass veered a bit too close to the territory where that Good Charlotte song about not wanting to be in love resides for my taste. “I Don’t Know” also grates lyrically because in it, Lily takes on the persona of someone unsavory in the Paris/Nicole/Kardashian “talentless celebrity” way, obviously trying to make light of their foibles and plasticine outlooks. But there was more than one occasion when she spit a line that made me wonder, “Hmm, the paparazzi-beloved host of that really stupid TV show about animals boinking on MySpace really doesn’t have that whole ‘self-reflection’ thing down yet, does she?”

Lily Allen [MySpace; HT ONTD]

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  2. NoNewYork

    have you heard/seen the video that automatically starts playing on her page? posted by wannabe her? about falling in love with a myspace addict? which to the best of my knowledge is called you’re so gay but you don’t even like boys? and you can’t turn it off?

    myspace really has just become the iraq for memetic terrorists.

  3. Nunya B

    aaaaaaare you joking? these are ridiculously A+++; the new synthy direction has been a great move for her.

    (minority opinion, i am sure, but these are killer)

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