I Just Want To Thank You, VH1

Apr 18th, 2008 // 4 Comments

Lately, although I curse the network for every Leona Lewis plug or for not recognizing the genius of my audition for that Pop Culture game show, I’m beginning to appreciate VH1 for the little moments of joy they bring to my week. This season of Rock of Love was a delightful run of strippers crying and Bret Michaels hair extensions’ endorsements of Dave and Busters. Miss Rap Supreme is off to a wonderful start, and keeps MC Serch employed, which almost makes up for those Perez Hilton specials. What more could one network provide, I might ask? A reality show starring Miami bass impresario Luther “Luke” Campbell? Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Luther Campbell made my afternoons wasted watching the Video Jukebox worthwhile, and now he’s going to be on VH1, although it seems like I shouldn’t be expected Fresh Kid Ice or Brother Marquis to be making appearances.

Over the years, Luther “Luke” Campbell has had many monikers including raunchiest man in Hip Hop, musical mastermind and even activist for constitutional rights. But he is best known as the hype man for 2 Live Crew, the bawdiest hip hop group of the late 1980′s/early 90′s, and pioneer of the modern music video featuring scantily clad girls. What people don’t know about Luke is that he is now a loving father, successful CEO and most surprising of all, faithful fiancée. However, don’t think Luke has changed completely. His life may look like the picture of typical suburbia, but his adult entertainment business ventures prove he’s still going to be as nasty as he wants to be. This reality series will follow the day-to-day adventures as Luke navigates fatherhood with two teenage children, while running his adult business Luke Entertainment Group and planning a wedding with his straight-laced lawyer fiancée Kristin. Whether it’s wedding cake shopping, giving a “birds and the bees” lecture to his son or casting dancers for his adult Web site, Luke Campbell does things his own way and he doesn’t give a *!#@ what anybody says about it!

First of all, Luther Campbell was no one’s “hype man”. Secondly, if there was an entertainment angle that was ever specifically designed for the season pass button on my TiVo, it’s Luther Campbell shopping for wedding cakes, although I probably could live without the whole “adult business” angle, which is apparently the entire program, sadly. Maybe he and Scott Baio can hang out later in the series. Regardless, the program’s forthcoming premiere is a perfect excuse for more 2 Live Crew videos, which provide a nice counterbalance to any forthcoming Christian rock postings today.

“Pop That C”:

and of course, from their performance on the Phil Donahue program, “Face Down”:

Luke’s Parental Advisory [VH1 Press]

  1. NeverEnough

    Don’t forget the “Rock of Love 2″ reunion this weekend where Heather lays a beatdown on Daisy. It’s trashtastic!

  2. Dan Gibson

    I would NEVER forget that.

  3. NeverEnough

    @Dan Gibson: Oh god, did you see it?!?

  4. Dan Gibson

    @NeverEnough: It was all I dreamed it would be, and a little bit more.

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