Welcome To The Very Weird World Of Carman

Apr 18th, 2008

Carman Dominic Licciardello, more simply known as Carman, possesses one of the strangest careers of anyone making music. Lacking any sort of talent that might break him through to a secular audience, and largely too tacky for even the most diehard Christian music fan, Carman appeals to the same sort of person who watches the Trinity Broadcasting Network on a regular basis… sold out for Jesus, and lacking any sort of connection to modern culture. There was a time when it was difficult to avoid Carman in evangelical churches, with his epic spoken-word piece “The Champion” (about an epic boxing match between Jesus and Satan) regularly lip-synched at youth events across America and his “love gift”-funded concerts filling arenas. Now, however, if you take the time to search for Carman on the Internet, you’re just as likely to find an message board argument about his love life as you are the tracklist for his newest album. [UPDATE: Hey folks, we're halting discussion on this post pending a review of certain comments. We appreciate you bearing with us while we sort this out.]

At the 2006 EMP Pop Music Conference, Idolator Pop voter Josh Langhoff presented a paper on the Carman track “A Little Less Conviction” which he then posted on his long since abandoned blog Charts and Graphs.

Then, the story gets weird.

A few responses (one by me), and then a barrage of remarks about Carman and his supposed array of illicit lovers. While this was a little surprising to me, especially since I had long assumed Carman was gay, that there would be 2,600 comments in the two years following about some woman named Oksana, evangelist Mario Murillo, and Carman is strange, to say the least.

A few highlights:



Satan isn’t worried about taking out too many people on this blog, because they are already doing his bidding. However, if the liars, manipulators, and users posting think for one moment that God is pleased with their actions here they are very wrong. He will hold you accountable for the things you are doing.

These words are written for posters 7:32 PM & 7:38 PM There is more to life than showing off your stinky “scandalous” underwear!

someone prove the thing about carman and ok or stop it right now!!!!!!!

you don’t have the right to accuse him like that because you claim to be CHRISTian!!!!!

prove that carman has been fired.
he has plenty of appearances on TBN as far as we can see and especially in the month of May.

all the way through August. so you are SO wrong.

do you honestly think that he would sleep with someone out of marriage? REALLY DOUBT IT.

A message board, this time on a site dedicated to cults, seems to be entirely dedicated to this nuttiness, but, as far as I’m concerned, there’s still not enough media coverage of this story. Could it be that the star of the long-form music video “Mission 3:16″ is the type who breaks up marriages? I need to know!

Carman’s “A Little Bit More Conviction” as Guilt Rock [Charts and Graphs]
Carman [homepage]


  1. Jovani

    Ok ‘Tara’. Charlene quit blogging here a month ago? That means end of August. I don’t see her name anywhere for that time period. So she was blogging under a fake name lol like everyone else. Before that she was using her name and hogging the blog. The Unknown blogger must have hit on the nail’s head for this announcement to be issued from the ministry. Tara, you don’t exist, you are Charlene. Get over it. Everyone knows, you admitted you were escorted out of one Carman concert to someone I know. Now saying ask Israel Berry. Like sure, right. Meds! Please!

  2. Jovani

    Char, if as ‘Tara’ states above, you are bashed on this blog by Carman and his staff, how can you turn around in the same letter and say you are friends with his family and staff? Kind of makes no sense does it?

    You have no staff, you’re a one-woman show. If you have a webmaster why can’t he fix all the broken links on your site? X-treme B.S. perpetrated here!

    New fake blogger name for this woman: Lou Lou Nutz.

  3. Jovani

    OK Seriously, you ain’t Char. OK, but no one who knows what’s going on here will believe that. As Seriously you’re the one going on and on about how great her ministry is, you and ‘Lee Ann’. Who is probably also you, created to cause a seemingly real debate between two bloggers. Great God Almighty woman, give it up. You are STOOOOOPID. I for one believe Unknown has you pegged. Hard.

  4. Jovani

    Seems like Unknown is so far on base it’s scary. You scared, Char, she gonna tell Carmie on you? Hope she does. She seems kind of lawyerly and has her thoughts together and probably ccan prove it, whatever it is lol.

  5. Jovani

    Que coincidence! ‘Tara’ jumps on with a bogus ministry statement right after Unknown lets the cat outta the bag! Either Tara has ESP or Char be watching this blog like a hawk! The word ‘proximate’ used by Unknown, well, I’ve only heard barristers use that one, ouch. Had a little DUI and my lawyer kept using that word at the prosecution. Very funny. I won. Good lawyer.

  6. Seriously?

    Jovani… what ever dude! lol. I’ve never said anything about her “ministry”.. so bite me cretin! What a group of crazies!! Especially you and unknown. Carman was right about you. (wink) haha

  7. Seriously?

    I think I will create a mockumentary about this blog and post it on YouTube. It will include all the players on this blog, especially Carman and his crazy family,. Let’s not forget ol Genevieve, the scorned wannabe that is still holding onto over 20 years of resentment who also has kept going on and on about Carman and how he used her “praise dancer” idea, said she was his “wife” from the stage at some church and dumped her… well honey, based on observation and the way you attack people on here, I don’t blame the man! (wink) I’m thinking that maybe he saw what you were really like and decided he didn’t want that drama in his life… just sayin’! (giggle)
    This is going to be a great project!! Thanks for the material! haha

  8. Seriously - Part II

    Carman has changed his website address so that none of this about him will follow him. Just in case anyone starts up another blog, make sure that you do it under CarmanTVCarman. FYI:

  9. Lee Ann

    What the hell, can’t you read crazy unknown. Tara said exactly what I got in an email from her, I’m not Charlene. The woman wants to be left out of it and you keep dragging her back in. Are you that self centered? This is not a conspricy against you FOOLISH BITTY. Some things arent about YOU. Leave her alone. I got blocked from emailing her, because of this damn blog. just leave her alone. I am not Charlene and Carman is right your CRAZY. Carman changed a year ago, Serious

  10. Jovani

    Do what you gotta do fat girl. It will take a team of lawyers to sue that big wide load of yours if you mess with anyone and post anything defamatory anywhere. Get it hun? Man I feel sorry for Carman, I really do. You were answering all kinds of questions about Charlene’s ministry you hopeless skank. Anyone who reads back on the posts can see. Chick, your illness has really reached new heights. paranoid schizophrenic pathological liar. Even if Carman changes his website address none of this goes away, how you figure? Shows what a desperate state your messed up brain’s in.

  11. Genevieve

    Genevieve: 40-27-38, 10% body fat. Charlene 27-38-48, 40% body fat. The stats, the facts.

  12. Genevieve

    Muuuuuahhhh! Wide load! Watch out! You want to fight now? C’mon, I’m a big muscular type, let’s go! I spend as much time in th egym as you spend at the food trough!

  13. Genevieve

    Crazy like a fox, as the saying goes. Never defeated in love or war, and certainly not on this blog of flaccid freaks. Not crying over Carman…….laughing!

  14. Genevieve

    Forgot to mention 1RM on bench press is 140 #s, 17″ biceps when in concentric mode. Eat my gym shorts Muuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Char still trying to swim that load off at the YMCA? Better hope the Lord delays His coming another 100 years!

  15. Carman

    Sob, I did love that girl, I was just a scared punk. Trouble is, I still am. LOL sorry everyone.

  16. Jovani


  17. Jovani

    Hey there ‘LEE ANN consider yourself fortunate if you were blocked from contacting Char (of course you’ve made up the entire story) because if she engages you, part of your brain will begin to rot if you don’t get away quick! I need to know? What up with the bow? The one around your head, Char? Little too old for that look HUN.

  18. Dr. Paul Schlenskenhitzer

    In my professional opinion, Miss Cole needs a schnozz job. Please look at my site,


    you may find help there. The Wicked Witch of the West look is definitely OUT.

  19. Lee Ann

    Good Lord, Gwen/ unknown / and 45 other names she is useing ,your a sick puppy. You think everyone is Carman. Good grief, you see,conspircy everywhere and all against you. thats paroniod. You need a hobby. I am not Charlene sweetie. I would not talk to you on the phone if you were the last Carman stalker on the face of the earth. Which you are a stalker. Apparently your stalking Charlene,along with Carman. I am not her, but I can see why she would run from people like you and HIM. You all are warped. By the way I wasnt answering questions about Char;lene’s ministry, I was saying what I observed. I have never seen a picture of you but if your photos are anything like the evil I see in your words, you are as ugly as Carman is.

  20. Seriously - Part II

    You folks should stick to the topic of this blog and stop all attacks against others…

  21. Lee Ann

    Thank you serious, especailly when that person is not even here to defend themselves. We know Carman is here, but that chick Charlene is not. I think that gwen whatever she post under need to be banned..

  22. Dan Gibson

    I am the owner of this blog. I am tired of this. If you can’t stick to the subject, which is CARMAN LICCIARDELLO, and CARMAN ALONE. I will make sure your IP Address is blocked and you are banned from this blog forever.






  24. Seriously - Part II

    Lee Ann, that is pretty sad if Carman does not feel that he has anything to Repent for Publicly…. God is not going to Bless anything he puts his hand to!

  25. Jovani

    Didn’t you notice the blogmaster’s comments? He will begin to ban anyone not sticking to the topic. Unfortunately Dan, this topic comes with all of this as a sideshow. YOU ARE ALL USING MULTIPLE BLOG NAMES so cut the crap already. The topic is down and out, Over. All of you keep coming here but call everyone else names for coming here. I am sorry to ever have seen the total insanity of this blog, total chaos. And I doubt anyone wishes they were Carman.

  26. seriously?

    For sure, serious – part II. Nice name, by the way! :)

  27. Seriously - Part II

    Seriously, liked your post and Lee Ann’s and I see that Carman is trying to pull some gig and get back into the Churches per his Facebook Page..


    C has yet to give an apology to anyone that I know of… To date, he has never said that he was sorry or taken responsibility for anything that his ministry has done to others in the Body of Christ for three decades of ministry. And he has a lot to be sorry for!

  28. Dan Gibson

    I don’t care about multi names. I care about staying on the blog subject. I could care less if you blogged 500 times under different names ,but not staying on blog subject that I care about. This is not the crazy women freak show. That is 4 blogs down on the left hand side. This is the weird world of CARMAN. I want facts about women Carman actually slept with, not women who in thier minds think they outta sleep with him or marry him. That is stupid. I don’t want some gossip from 1980. I want facts from today.

  29. The Truth

    Dan Gibson doesn’t add to this blog and, once again, you have no proof. This is all, gossip, speculation, jealousy and a gang of the same posters from every blog or site Carman is/has been mentioned on. Scornful, abusive, accusatory and liars to boot. Most of this started in 2004…and has been ridden like a filthy avalanch for too long now. You’re like a pack of blood thirsty demons. Why don’t you all take care of your own personal lives for a change? And stop pointing such judgemental fingers at a man you don’t even know. His private life is none of your concern and it is places like this that teach those who need God that this drama and cat fighting is acceptable and decent behavior? I disagree. You don’t speak for me and are terrible examples of Christ’s love and forgiveness….Enough is enough. Why should this man ask for anyone’s forgiveness?? Don’t be absurd.

  30. Dan Gibson

    The Truth, If you don’t have some thing tangible to add to this blog,aside from the consistant whining you have been doing from your first post, please go somewhere else, before you become the first one I ban. You have been consistantly screaming show proof. I did at the begining on this blog at the top. IF you CAN read, thats my name on that. I gave proof, where is yours. I want facts not consistant dripping of non facts.Your whining on how everyone needs to stop does not consistute facts. Give me proof to shut everyone up. You have none. Until you can give me proof, you shut up.

  31. Jovani

    Dan, with all due respect, the women who Carman has slept with are not likely to come forward, unless they can slap a paternity suit on him or otherwise ruin him by doing so. I think this ruining of his own life has been done by himself very well. Since you began this blog under the premise that he is gay, probably if he is, you know the men will not step forth. Two videos are on the internet, posted by Oksana in the last two years, sung by Carman. One is My Pledge and the other is Happy Birthday. It’s obvious that at that point at least, they were in some sort of relationship. Oksana is not going to come out and say ‘I sleep with Carman’ nor is Keli Miller. These women are semi-professional and have as much to lose as he does and nothing to gain by making a statement.
    He is also not ‘all that’ like Tiger Woods is, a big news story. He may be to the groupies on this blog, to the rest of the world he is not a household name.

    Not everyone on this blog is crazy. And the 1980s story, while not sexually titillating or newsworthy, seems to get certain people up in arms about it. They really go nuts when they hear it. Can’t figure why. Sounds truthful enough and highly probable. Also, some of us are not bloggers from way back but are fairly new.

  32. Sandra

    OK, Carman, don’t ask for ‘anyone’s’ forgiveness. Just Christ’s. He’s the One Who’s Gospel has been tarnished by your poor stewardship. And saying “sorry’ to a few people……would that hurt your huge pride so much? Apparently. At this point, as I said, you are not newsworthy. Imagine the headlines (not) “Disgruntled Former Gospel Singer Refuses to Say Sorry to God and to People He’s Hurt”.

    Might sell like five issues in outer Siberia. Oksana’s family would buy all five to keep her name out of it. LOL

    Caped, give us a book. I’ll buy a copy, promise. You say you have the goods on this guy, I’d love to see it.

  33. Sandra

    Scornful, abusive and accusatory you call us….gee Carman, sounds like you’re describing yourself, not us. Alot of people on here have been very nice, except for the occasional cat fights. Can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  34. Sandra

    Yeah, just looked at the pitiful Power of One Voice Carman has thrown up on Facebook to save face. He probably writes the posts himself.
    The My Only Sunshine thing is hilariously tacky and sadly funny.Very sad attempt to rally support that’s already gone. Then I see some familiar faces cheering him onward but when push comes to shove, these people won’t contribute a dime to him. If the internet is his new venue, as someone suggested, hahaha, he’s really over. 99 cent downloads to hear songs, lol. God isn’t finished with him, I agree, But I don’t mean it the same way the groupies do.

  35. Seriously?

    Just read your posts, Gwen. So, basically you’re saying you look like a guy?! Noted!

  36. The Truth

    Poster claiming to be Dan is a POSER!! Perhaps it would be a marvelous idea to dump this blog….after all, the ads and such are intentionally overtaking space to make more $. Every comment helps fatten the piggy bank!

  37. Vasquez

    Dump this blog? Why? So people can’t do a search on Carman and see this? Not getting off so easy, old boy.
    Truth, you’re a POSER too. You talk like you’re Carman or one of his posers. Bet you wish you were getting some of the piggy bank. This blog is part of a much bigger Buzz Net complex. Only way this blog makes money is if the survey for Levi’s is taken.

  38. Vasquez

    @ Sandra LOL on the headlines. Here’s Another:

    “Gospel for Gain Guy Gets Snagged in His Own Game: Churches Not Falling For It, He Can’t Get Bookings”


    “Christian Casanova Has Cover Pulled Off His Tricks, People Angry and No Confession Forthcoming” LoL Carman you are a pendejo and we know you look at all the blogs, your ego man, size of Dubai’s new superbuilding LOL

  39. Vasquez

    Dan you say you gave proof at the top of the blog. Your proof is just saying about all the other blogs that were around for years. Proof not needed because something’s up if one person has all this going on about him. It didn’t come from nowhere. The proof is the blogs. No one was following this guy around to get videotapes. He really isn’t important or relevant anymore IMO so whatever.

  40. Vasquez

    Mr. Truth I see plenty of space to post in spite of the ads. And even though people will leave from boredom on the subject matter, others will find it.

  41. Vasquez

    LOL dude Carman’s website is getting to be all ADS, LOL

  42. Lee Ann

    That Gwenivere woman is a weird one, pineing over Carman the way she does. She sure did attack Charlene, for no reason, me and anyone else here. Carman is lucky to have gotten away from that one. She just can’t get it through her skull everyone here is not Carman or Charlene. Here’s a thought, maybe Carman is Charlene??? LOL ROFLMAO. I bet Gwenevire is a dike, everyone said Carman was gay and the only way he will go for a chick is if they look like a guy, she described herself as looking like a guy.So, maybe she is a dike.

  43. Hey There

    Umm, Lee Ann, Charlean, whomever..the word is spelled DYKE…DUH!! And how do you figure any lesbian would give a hoot about going after a GAY man?? Wow, you say the craziest crap!!!

  44. Hey There

    Lee Ann, Charlean, Gwinnie, whomever??? The word is DYKE!!! And what interest would a lesbian have in chasing a gay man? You say the craziest crap!!!

  45. Lee Ann

    Sorry, I’ma true blond…..lol….Names Lee Ann for sure dude…..

  46. Vasquez

    Whoa, look @ Sept. 6th post by The Truth who is really trying to get people to think he’s Carmen. He says the women who felt they were supposed to be special went way too far. Then he says they became bitter, etc., over a man they never met. Scuse me but this is double speak. If they never met you then how did they go too far? By sending fruitcakes to a fruitcake @ on Dec. 25th? And if so what did you do to promote an image to women that made them feel they wanted you? The Blame Game, and The Name Game, both on one blog.

  47. Seriously?

    Exactly, Vasquez.

  48. Lee Ann

    It goes further Vasquez, then all the women that feel they are “called by God” to be this guys “true” wife jumps on every woman that shows up. and they trash those women here on this blog.

  49. Vasquez

    Lee Ann can’t say that I see what you mean. Just looks to me like a buncha people who are trying to figure out what’s up with this guy. And why he done certain people wrong, I can’t get behind that jive. A minister should be held to a better standard, yes? I don’t think anyone on here says or thinks they are gonna be his wife. Who would want to be unless she’s after money? I started at the top and see some histories and comments is about all. A few of the people get over the line like on any blog. Some of them asking him to turn over a new leaf, nothing wrong there. Funny thing I asked people if they ever heard of this guy. All ages, you know what I mean, at my congregation. Almost nobody remembers him. So why do we care who says what really, everyone says what they feel and that’s OK. Just don’t call me a mofo and you’ll be OK.. Some guy is going to burn the Koran and makes national TV. But this guy’s flakey life isn’t going down in the news except for on the internet. 80% of internet hits are to see porn, btw. Internet famous is nothing. That’s why all these women start up Face Book and Space accounts and strip down. To be famous in their own minds on the internet. Whatever. Good guys see them as a bunch of scuse me whores but these chicks think they’re famous.