Welcome To The Very Weird World Of Carman

Carman Dominic Licciardello, more simply known as Carman, possesses one of the strangest careers of anyone making music. Lacking any sort of talent that might break him through to a secular audience, and largely too tacky for even the most diehard Christian music fan, Carman appeals to the same sort of person who watches the Trinity Broadcasting Network on a regular basis… sold out for Jesus, and lacking any sort of connection to modern culture. There was a time when it was difficult to avoid Carman in evangelical churches, with his epic spoken-word piece “The Champion” (about an epic boxing match between Jesus and Satan) regularly lip-synched at youth events across America and his “love gift”-funded concerts filling arenas. Now, however, if you take the time to search for Carman on the Internet, you’re just as likely to find an message board argument about his love life as you are the tracklist for his newest album. [UPDATE: Hey folks, we're halting discussion on this post pending a review of certain comments. We appreciate you bearing with us while we sort this out.]

At the 2006 EMP Pop Music Conference, Idolator Pop voter Josh Langhoff presented a paper on the Carman track “A Little Less Conviction” which he then posted on his long since abandoned blog Charts and Graphs.

Then, the story gets weird.

A few responses (one by me), and then a barrage of remarks about Carman and his supposed array of illicit lovers. While this was a little surprising to me, especially since I had long assumed Carman was gay, that there would be 2,600 comments in the two years following about some woman named Oksana, evangelist Mario Murillo, and Carman is strange, to say the least.

A few highlights:



Satan isn’t worried about taking out too many people on this blog, because they are already doing his bidding. However, if the liars, manipulators, and users posting think for one moment that God is pleased with their actions here they are very wrong. He will hold you accountable for the things you are doing.

These words are written for posters 7:32 PM & 7:38 PM There is more to life than showing off your stinky “scandalous” underwear!

someone prove the thing about carman and ok or stop it right now!!!!!!!

you don’t have the right to accuse him like that because you claim to be CHRISTian!!!!!

prove that carman has been fired.
he has plenty of appearances on TBN as far as we can see and especially in the month of May.

all the way through August. so you are SO wrong.

do you honestly think that he would sleep with someone out of marriage? REALLY DOUBT IT.

A message board, this time on a site dedicated to cults, seems to be entirely dedicated to this nuttiness, but, as far as I’m concerned, there’s still not enough media coverage of this story. Could it be that the star of the long-form music video “Mission 3:16″ is the type who breaks up marriages? I need to know!

Carman’s “A Little Bit More Conviction” as Guilt Rock [Charts and Graphs]
Carman [homepage]

  • Jade

    Those questions were answered by carman through Lisa. She claims to know the whole family. But she is a joke as is her retarded twisted/ on the take cop of a brother in law.

    And yes I know all about the blame game that Carman plays when confronted. When backed into a corner he stings like a scorpion. I am not afraid of him or his laughing stock of “employees”. They are just as incompetent as he is.

    It also cracks me up about how hung up all these quacks are over spelling.. seriously?! Straining over a gnat.

  • Jade

    This is my favorite piece from miss Lisa.. these are just some of the women that have been blocked for being supposed stalkers and wanna be’s…the gig is up Carmelatte’

    There is absolutely no denying that Lisa and Carman are buds… in the HTML format that this email was received, there are pictures of the myspace pages these names represent.

    From: Lisa Amilcare
    Subject: Carman’s block list

    Date: Friday, September 4, 2009, 7:52 PM


    “Melba Ja..

    Roberta i..
    Just Jenn..




    Baby G is..


    I’M UNDER..








    Prayer ch..
    ” The Par..

    Vic’s Cyb..



    Benjamin ..


    Always would
    attack on
    things they
    read on some
    ….over and over
    and over again

    Lisa Diane

    Obesssed with emailing Daily
    Dazzle he..
    Same !!!!
    Lisa’s Sissy




    Cowgirl A..




    ~♥Agnus D..


    hey snowb..



    CiTy sTyLez


    Virtual I..


    DIS RUDE!..
    ~ Chrissy ~

    Penya Esther




    r@^3n ツ s..


    not availbe

    Don Hinkl..
    Su C





    2-3 Loooong
    emails everyday

    do or die..


    El Elyon7..
    2-3 loooong



    Misty McG..
    Big John

    Julia Kam..
    ~ MARA JA..



    Oksana friend
    trying to play


    ♥Rachel♥ ..

    Katie Melua
    this used to be
    Angelo: The Black
    and White picture
    with the suit and
    tie and no head.
    Always asked about Oksana…
    Now the picture Changed, lol
    Debbie [†]


    Darlene C..

    Pooh Bear



    Oksana obsessed
    Sharyn ~ ..
    suicide p..

    .:: Pure ..
    Totally whacked false
    I’D’ picture.. not her at all
    Little Blue
    Rose of S..
    Minister ..


    Candice C..
    Obsessed with
    Oksana and any
    kind of Blog info

    Always asked about -O


    James Ga..
    Boyfreind would
    ask for permission
    to date her, lol



    Another Oksana
    Info reporter, lol

  • Tracy

    So, all those questions were from Lisa to Carman? Don’t Carman know what Lisa looks like? Just a little confused.

  • Joe Palermo

    Ummmmm Legal, question: How do you know his face and privates are on gay porn sites? Tells me a lot about you, whoever you are.

  • jade

    The questions were asked by a third party. Lisa was the go between.

    It doesn’t really matter. Carman will continue to lie and manipulate everyone. Never giving any regard to who he may be attcking or hurting. All I see is a 54 year old boy who nevr grew up. Who has always been coddled – never being required to take responsibility for his actions.

    Hopefully by the grace of God, the people who always bail him out will drop him and make him stand on his own. He might just grow up then… but I doubt it.

  • #1LegalEagle

    Because each time his name was inserted into a data base for investigation, the porn came up first! Part of it is his ex-wife Rose giving him a BJ while knowingly being taped and then they guy running the camera, stepping in for his turn. Don’t hate the messenger…your knight in shining black armor is a freak! Everybody has seen it..why not you? After all, you females seem to know everything else about him…wonder who he bribed to be sure the Christian press didn’t run with it. Just like his marriage to that woman…never told anyone he did it and almost immediatly dumped her. He’s had a running sexual relationship with that Oksana chick in the Cook Islands for years! SHE is part of the reason he went with Rose. But even Oksana has had enough of his BS, claiming he suffers from a terrible Narcissistic disorder…THATS why she dumped HIM!! All of these cancelled concerts are him taking time to cavort with anything he sees and wants..he doesnt give a crap about his fans or anyone else unless it serves a purpose to fulfill his own needs. Unless youve actually HAD sex with him shut the F up…The whoring around with chicks is a laughable cover up…gay men do it ALL the time. Geez.

  • michelle

    In regards to Carman being a habitual liar, “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord,” “I hate every false way,” “He that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight,” “The Holy Spirit ONLY DWELLS IN TRUTH,” and lastly, “All liars are headed into the Lake of Fire,”

    Carman you can’t be some vile antinomian thinking that you are covered by the Blood of Jesus while you habitually live a life of sin!

    And it would not surprise me in the least if he is gay, and the whoring around chasing all of the women, while he seduces the gullible to help fund his lifestyle, and he can be sure that his sin is going to find him out! All of these blogs since 2004 have been for a reason! To expose this deceiver for what he is! To expose his ministry and those who have covered up for him like Vada Allen, etc. to expose Carman Ministries and bring Judgment upon it and them! The spirit working through this man and his ministry is Jezebel, and she never repents! This explains why so many gullible women flock to his ministry, many of them with marital problems, or mental disorders, and he don’t care about any of the people who are stupid enough to support him, as he’s only out to make a buck and fund his lifestyle of whoring around!

    You can rest assured that “Bloody and Deceitful men shall not live out half of their days,” and “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

  • michelle

    In regards to this Lisa Piatt, chic…

    these are her own words on Carman’s facebook page:


    And I quote…..”Please don’t hesitate to leave your own unique comments!”

    Ummmm…you sure? With my mouth…you positive?

    If he is consorting with her, birds of a feather flock together!

  • Caroline

    When someone you once respected and looked up to violates your trust, the journey beyond can be intensly painful and shakes the foundation of everything you believed in. This man seems to have held the hearts of so many and simply mocked them with his double life. Women become warriors to help one another and themselves to create strong alliances during hard times, especially when the same man has betrayed all their trust and has the continuing potential to do more damage. I used to enjoy Carman’s music and was a part of his ministry family. But his obvious addictions, lies and truly narcissistic attitude turned me off and found me exiting that organization in a hurry. The saddest thing is the thousands of people who still believe he is a decent man of God and spend years, $ and emotional connection to such a deceiver. I was angry and disapointed to see his truth but it did not shake my faith..he is not God..he’s meerly a human being who is drowning in a pool of filth of his own making. His behaviors and actions don’t diminish my spiritual beliefs at all. It has strengthened them. I don’t worship another human being…. Women aren’t obsessed with him on these blogs. They are coming together to fight back against an obvious injustice. The misogynistic comments and disrespect shown by so many is no better than what Carman is doing. Stop the childish nonsense and show some respect. Why do so many want to punish the victims? So sad.

  • michelle

    Caroline… Amen & Amen, to all that you have said! Please post the same comment on this other blog too!


    It is true that Women who have been used by this ministry, God has given them a place to speak out and share their stories, by using these blogs to repeatedly expose this man. I mean let’s get real, Jan Crouch isn’t going to do it! she’s forever throwing him a life line to continue fomenting his evil deeds!

    Post the same thing you have written here on the above blog link, perhaps some gullible woman that is looking at his facebook page, will run across these blogs and hear the truth of what this man and his ministry is all about! Blessings to you, Caroline, and I pray that you grow stronger in Jesus Christ Name!

  • Tracy

    Thank you, Caroline. Your words are a healing balm. Please pray for me.

    Jade, the woman that sent those questions to Carman, is that the Charlene woman.Is that why, there is so much hatered between Lisa and that woman?
    Did Lisa turn on her , to Carman ?

  • Caroline

    I’m sorry..I don’t have any personal knowlege concerning specific women (or others) here. It hurt and disapointed me to find out about the real Carman. But, when you talk about spiritual matters and faith (trust) and them being betrayed you must also understand he’s a flawed human being, just like you and me. He doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong (narcissistic attitude) Like any addict..Carman will only ‘get it’ when he hits bottom and loses everything. Please try to remember you are all beautiful, precious daughters of a loving, forgiving Creator. I know you’re angry (justifyably so) But breath deeply, clean out this dark energy he’s left you with and see the light at the end of the tunnel. NO ONE can live a lie forever and not be made to pay the consequences. You’re passionate warriors and I commend you. Be at peace! Haven’t you noticed how hurt and disapointed even these other posters are because he was supposed to be such an outstanding, Christian role model? Always remember…’You may be the only Bible anyone ever reads!’ xo

  • anne

    To Carman, Perhaps it will shock your enlarged ego to know that some of us DO NOT find you attractive–have never been to one of your concerts and could care who you marry. Some of us are here solely because we care about where you will spend eternity. Because you misinterpret kindness and concern, maybe you will understand the following better…”It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” Hebrews 10:31 Has it ever occurred to you that just possibly you are NOT walking with Him right now??? and that we care deeply about that!!!

  • Tracy

    Amen, I care about Carman’s salvation.I tried,he hates me.All I can do now is pray,he has even called me satan ,because, I wanted to talk to him. I don’t want anyone to go to hell.
    Heck I stand in the Gap for thie man every day. Yet , he still calls me names.

    • Cathy Jo Moore

      It’s because you stalk him daily and can’t take no for an answer Char!

  • anne

    Tracy-Don’t give up on yourself…you always have our Father!!

  • Caroline

    Thank you for your kind words and sincere wishes. I believe this situation will end (if you care to put it that way) with this man physically and spiritually ‘hitting the wall’ when he can no longer hide behind God and his illusions of grandeur . You have done all you can to voice the truth and I hope so many are able to move on past their damaging, disapointing experiences with him. It matters little who he is, I suppose, because the same expectations and level of decency apply to all of us. My personal experience was to whitness a deep change in a man who was gifted with talent and, at one time, a sincere wish to evangalize (sp-sorry) Once the real attention started he seemed to lose perspective, lower personal expectations for himself and adopted a deep seed of arrogance. (Which might surprise you to know is a sign of terrible insecurity!) When I whitnessed this I intentionally turned and walked away in order to protect my own growth as a spiritual woman. I never saw him as anything other than a guy who seemed to love God and didn’t care who gave him a hard time for saying it at every chance. My God never changes…human beings do! So, although saddened by my discovery I knew his shortcomings had no affect upon me. My journey continued. Everyone seems to deal in their own ways over this. Who is to say which is the better or worse.? Just remain strong in your faith and try to live the greatest lives you can, be happy, healthy and smile! The same Creator who sees Carman’s drama..is looking to see how we all handle ourselves through this. Be blessed and have a soft, gentle, loving evening. xo

  • anne

    Caroline do I sense a sadness in you? If so, is it in regard to what could of been but is not or is it because you see a brother that has fallen? You know we cannot help him, only Father can reach him. Anne

  • Joe Palermo

    Oh chicks you need to see me and you’ll o get over him LOL Hey Legal, you stated he’s on GAY PORN SITES then ala Caped Crusader style you whistle a different tune in your next post saying he’s in porn with his wife. That’s not gay porn and if they were married and she gave him a bj so what? Show us the link big mouth then I’ll believe you. AT the moment you are nothing but a raving sociopathic conniver w/o any backup proof. WHERE”S THE BEEF? I deal with reality not HEARSAY. I know the guy’s a case but in this fag thing he could SUE you babycakes. That’s known as libel but since you’re the big lawyer you ought to know that. Lawyer my azz. Liar sounds like lawyer, maybe you’re just confused.

  • Joe Palermo

    Oh chicks you need to see me and you’ll o get over him LOL Hey Legal, you stated he’s on GAY PORN SITES then ala Caped Crusader style you whistle a different tune in your next post saying he’s in porn with his wife. That’s not gay porn and if they were married and she gave him a bj so what? Show us the link big mouth then I’ll believe you. AT the moment you are nothing but a raving sociopathic conniver w/o any backup proof. WHERE”S THE BEEF? I deal with reality not HEARSAY. I know the guy’s a case but in this fag thing he could SUE you babycakes. That’s known as libel but since you’re the big lawyer you ought to know that. Lawyer my azz. Liar sounds like lawyer, maybe you’re just confused.

  • anne

    What is it with men and there egos??? Sorry Joe but I would never be interested in someone like you even if you look like Patrick Swayze. Not only is your ego far too inflated but you don’t even sound close to being like a Christian!!!

  • Caroline

    I have never had a personal interest in him…I’m quite happily married. I used to work as a background vocalist in Christian music/concerts and moved in and out of some of the same circles he did. If you sense any sadness it’s for all the folks who have trusted and believed in him and have had that trust betrayed. When someone openly uses God in their deceptions it’s cruel. I appreciate the opportunity to be heard here..TY I wish everyone the best…God Bless.

    • Cathy Jo Moore

      Yeah, God bless everyone except the man that satan is working as hard as he can to destroy the work he has been doing all his life for Jesus? We should curse him, right Caroline?

  • michelle

    Caroline, you have a gentle spirit, I really appreciate your testimony, wisdom and advice.

  • Carman

    Yo, thats all very sweet and all………I love how I’m all trashed and such here………Carol I never sang with u sweetie……. Jade ur post make no sense and when asked simple questions like who the heck is the mystry chick with the questions u refuse 2 answer…… just answer the question straight on…….stop all the well guess who games…….Anne, Joe, Trace and all the others here get a life and get offa the post boards………Joe thanks dude 4 stickin up 4 me……Legal/Capie, go and get laid u need it….instead of searchin porno sites just go get urself a real guy…..I aint in pornos……maybe ur eyes need chckin ….news flash…… I aint the dude ur seeing in em…. an Joe’s right I can sue ur ass over that……. that is…..if I could stop laughin long enough 2 call my lawyer….I aint gay girls…….. ask any of my ex gf’s …….and pickin one scripture and makin it what u want it 2 say is not Biblical…… that one scripture about judging ,quote all of it not just part of it………what else…oh yeah…..Lisa don’t speak 4 me……I just put up with the little brat…….sure would like 2 know who the woman with the questions was…….u can answer that 4 me……

    • Cathy Jo Moore

      Caman does not even write like this. Who’s the dummy trying to pertend to be him? You did a very bad job of it! Really bad!

  • michelle

    Tracy…what was your experience with him? If you don’t mind sharing, as I was just wondering??? Thanks for the feedback. Blessings,

  • anne

    Carman–it looks like you are doing the same thing you condemn–judging. Scripture talks about being FRUIT INSPECTORS. Is your conscience so severed that you no longer love your FIRST LOVE nor have any desire to spend eternity with HIM? Weren’t you once upon a time RADICALLY SAVED? Perhaps Carman needs to be saved from Carman. Also, you’re not being trashed here–I was speaking to your face!!! Lastly–I for one have never thought you were gay–I’m almost certain you do all of your thinking with your other head!!!

  • anne

    Caroline–Thank-you for your response and clarification. Forgive me for speaking out of turn. Best Blessings to you. Anne

  • Caroline

    Thank you..enjoy your beautiful day.

  • anne

    Caroline-Thank-you as well, How precious you are to our Father.

  • Tracy

    He was very ugly to me in emails and on Facebook. Then he called me charlene cole and said I had mental issues.

    I was in his chatroom, talked to his mother everynight and he treated me this way.

    • Cathy Jo Moore

      It’s because this is Char and you have been driving him crazy with stalking him for many years now. He doesn’t want you Char!

  • michelle

    Tracy, that is really unbelievable.. But then again, it’s not considering it’s coming from Carman. I have heard that he can be really, really, mean and he has a horrible temper. He doesn’t have much of a conscience, this I have been told by people in the ministry. Just forgive and release him to God.

  • Charlean

    Sorry Ladies, you didnt know? Your all me ,even though I didnt know about this board until last month….Your all me….. So live with being me…….

    I caught him trying to hook up with young girls(20 year olds), while I was told ,by HIS STAFF, to call Ms Lisa out and prove her a liar. I proved she wasn’t lying over that one thing, but she has proven she lies over everything else. He screamed at me on the phone and called me evil and stalker. I was then accused of every fake name on Myspace or Facebook that tried to talk to him. Weather they are real women or not they all are me.

    Including this board where all of yall are me.

    Sorry Tracy, Your me…..

    I have sat and watch this board and I think most are one or two posters…..not to certain over Carman there……. Carman normally don’t post on post boards or even reads them……that could be Lisa ,as she has made up about 45 fake names on yahoo to try and “fool” me into thinking they all are Carman……
    Here are a few:

    carrieberry96 ( could be the poster Legal/ Cape, which I believe without a doubt is LISA)
    cmnmail(crmn dellolicci)

    They call me this:

    Carm Lick (7/7/2010 10:14:29 PM): he considers u as disgusting filthy pig

    Carm Lick (7/7/2010 10:14:32 PM): and very ugly
    Carm Lick (7/7/2010 10:14:35 PM): thats what he thinks

    Carm Lick (7/7/2010 10:14:57 PM): he always hated u
    Carm Lick (7/7/2010 10:15:00 PM): always will, i will make sure of it

    Carm Lick (6/10/2010 12:22:59 AM): u r the anti christ

    Carm Lick (6/10/2010 12:59:10 AM): carman says god showed
    Carm Lick (6/10/2010 12:59:15 AM): him who anti christ is
    Carm Lick (6/10/2010 12:59:23 AM): and god said u r the satan

    Carm Lick (6/10/2010 2:13:04 PM): carman will not talk to satan
    Carm Lick (6/10/2010 2:13:08 PM): he knows u r satan
    Carm Lick (6/10/2010 2:13:12 PM): god gave him vision

    Carm Lick (6/4/2010 12:03:39 AM): carmello wants to fight satan in u

    Carm Lick (6/4/2010 12:05:07 AM): this is carmello plan
    Carm Lick (6/4/2010 12:05:09 AM): to fight u
    Carm Lick (6/4/2010 12:05:17 AM): he thinks u r devil in disguise
    Carm Lick (6/4/2010 12:05:21 AM): he got the vision

    See what Lisa does….Then says she is Isreal Berry and Carman, and That Carman wants to do this and That to me and The Ministry I am Over……

    There are alot more….I can’t sign into yahoo Avalible and not be harrassed…….

    Carman gets kicks out of this (or maybe he truely dont know I will give him that)and Lisa gets entertainment using Carman’s Name and Carman Worldoutreach and the newest thing is a Commitee called FAS

    Fighting Against Stalkers and Carman funds this to Harrass everyone that he thinks wants to even talk to him UNLESS They are Blond, Thin and Have money.

    This is what she says anyway……as she poses as Carman, Herself,Israel, Vada, Momma Nancy, Gina, and many others,,,,,,,She even made up a Myspace account and said it was me and said I harrassed Momma Nancy when I dont even talk to Momma Nancy and Havent talk to her since I was in the Chatroom in 2006……why would I? Momma Is OLD……..

    She has Carman CONVINCED everyone is me.;……. Thus the reason I say Ladies all of yall are ME….. Are you shocked? I am every time I look at these post boards,where up until 2007 I never even knew exisited……

    This is the junk Lisa does and claims its him….If he does not condone it then why don’t he come out and say he dont ,silence is admitting he thinks this way…….

    Thats a DROP in the bucket of the crap I put up with….The Ministry I am over is Harrssed by “his” Flunkies…IE LISA and it is called NON LIGIT even though It is on Guidestar and registered as a ministry NON-PROFIT ORG with the IRS.They have called it a Satanist cult, by Lisa and She said BY HIM……. Its a Ligit Ministry WITH A SALVATION PAGE,on the website,,,,UNLIKE Carman’s which does not have a Salvation Page any longer……..I have been done very ugly by him and his so called friends……

    Yes the “sweet” poster(NOT COOL), that posted the Complaint is true….I do have a conplaint on her(Lisa) with the Police in Brantley Ala with a Pending warrent for Blackmail and extortion… and I have everything to back it up…….If she dont cease to contact me….which by the way she still contacts me on yahoo and apparently on these boards accussing everyone of being me….. She said the Complaint is not true it was written by me cause the Cops have not served her yet…..they will.

    Carman is Silent….that means he is saying this…….I condone everything Lisa does……Because if he didnt condone it, he would speak up.So, sorry I spoke up now……but I want everyone here to know I’m not evil and I’m not a stalker and I have not been served a DAMN thing from anyone and I have not been arrested for Stalking and I was ESCOURTED out of ONE ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…..Concert right After I caught him hooking up with 20 year olds…… on Myspace as I was told BY STAFF AT CWO… to CALL LISA OUT AT ANY PRICE..

    By the way, ISREAL BERRY Said ON THE PHONE ” Carman Nor My self have any memory of every escourting you out of any concert Char.” Yeah I talked to Israel on the phone and He said THAT………

    I dont care what your gonna say Ms Lisa/ Cape/Legal….Yeah I sent you stuff and names LISA./CAPE/ Legal Only cause I was BAITING YOU…..I knew, you ,would show who, you, truly were, Lisa…. and You have on these boards and Facebook…….You even set up a yahoo Carrieberry and thats when I knew Legal/carrie was Lisa……You went straight to Carman to show him More crap on how EVIL I AM …
    Heres the story on that……Lisa emails me on Facebook as a WRITER sound Familur MS LEGAL/ LISA……. and wants all my information….I didnt email you frist SWEETIE you did me…. That right there sent up my Lisa Radar…..I Knew you were her….OR someone she put up to Doing it to get all the information, I have to send your back end(LISA) to jail for TRUE STALKING, Blackmail and Extortion…..NOT COOL Lisa everything you have pulled is not Cool……..and lies on top of lies……

    I have only tried to HELP that dadgum ministry and Him over and Over………. I gave a LOT of money from 2000 until 2007…… only to be called all this and trashed to everyone that will listen……. you Ladies, “who are all me”, you judge for yourself…… and thank you Jade…… By the way your me too……

    They arent me….Carman you need to investigate things yourself and stop listening to Lisa…..all she wants is money and a posisition for more money. She was the one that told everyone….NOT ME……. She was the one that always tells everyone that will listen everythiing she can about you she wants to be in the KNOW so bad and Pretend she is a SOMEBODY by KNOWING YOUR PERSONAL STUFF….Again NOT COOL……
    I have a Best Friend and she calls me and Tells everything she knows to me, about her personal stuff WHY? CAUSE I DONT SPREAD IT TO EVERYONE WHO WILL LISTEN…….. I NEVER TALK….UNLESS I AM CORNERED OR I’M CALLED SOMETHING OR SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING THAT IS NOT TRUE ABOUT ME OR SOMEONE I KNOW…….. THIS is why I AM TRUSTED…….. and was by Staff at CMI…. UNTIL YOU REARED YOUR UGLY HEAD……..

    Carman you trust the WRONG PEOPLE…….By the way thanks for saying I sound like a wounded Valapsoraptor, when I sing……….

    You ladies judge for your selves. By the way, How does it feel to be Charlean?

    It does make him, Lisa and all the others trashing me look a little stupid now dont it?

  • Cheryl

    Well said Carman. Please know there are people out there who believe and support you…… despite other people’s negativity.
    We believe in your geniuness and that you are truly doing what God has called you to do. Keep strong and well and hope you are feeling better.
    You have a powerful and anointed ministry. Have a blessed day.

  • Charlean

    Oh look A New me……. No wait they will not say that one is me There is nothing bad they can say about that post…….

  • Tracy

    Hey Charlean,

    Carman’s Mom, just posted this on her wall about you and looks like she took one of your photos off your own page to do so,

    Here is what was posted, If what you posted earlier was correct, and they have no proof why would she say this I know you asked for proof and no one answered you, so that proved there was none.
    Also, that is extortion, telling her friends if they don’t delete youo she will selete them? This is AMERICA, Not ITALY. That is something a Mob boss would say to someone to get thier way, Are these Licciardello’s crazy?

    Look for yourselves ladies this is the latest attack on Charlene,
    This is on Nancy Licciardello’s wall on Facebook. Charlene you can sue for defamation of character and you can have a suit over her using your photo.

    Nancy Licciardello This person “Dee Dee Newman” is in fact “Charlene D Cole”. She is a psychotic stalker and we have filed multiple police reports on her. She has been an extreme problem in my life and Carmans ministry for years. She has been warned by law enforcement, several ministers, freinds, banned from all the ministry sites, live …events and has created dozens of false Myspace sites, Facebook sites and nearly 100 false email address’s portraying herself to be someone else as she has here as well. She has an lying spirit and is dangerous. Because we have pending criminal prosecution case against her in Alabama, I will have to delete you if you maintain a connection with her. She will post descructive things about you too and anyone connected with myslef or Carman all over the internet through dozens of her false identities. Warn anyone else you might know too, before she starts to communicate with you. Thanks… Momma Nancy

  • #1LegalEagle

    NOT the real Nancy Licciardello’s post!! Another scam!! Look at how short a time she’s been on FB! FAKE!! The photos are planted to make you think it’s her. She would never open up her page to the public Too many of the resl friends are missing! Nice try douchbags.

  • Charlean

    I can’t take much more of this…I love him and have stood by him no matter how far he has fallen. God says I am to be his wife and I won’t give up until he’s with me where God says he belongs. Leave us alone.

    • Cathy Jo Moore

      Char that is satan pretending to be GOD. What does it take to show you that he does not want you as his wife? Don’t you think that God would show him by now if you really were the woman that He chosen to be his wife? You drive him and all of his family nuts with it. Wake up woman and find a man that wants you and can make you happy! Don’t you want a family and a man who really cares about you. You are wasting time when you do not all that much time left to have a family! Wake up woman!!!

  • jade

    Lol…that’s funny. hey carman, if that’s you, when you actually give a straight answer then I will.
    it’s funny how they all go on this witch hunt for charlean…. every account is her. And they claim they can prove this, yet where is the proof? I’m not her, never met her, yet have been accused of being her, been lied about by carman and his pee-on’s. And blocked for no reason. so where’s your evidence carman, nancy, lisa, israel and any other loser associated with you? What is the reason for it? I guess the real reason is this, the accusations against you carman are truth.

  • Zina

    I hope that God brings you justice..
    all of you. all these assumptions with no real facts or evidence. Just some witchy woman’s word…. lisa, seriously, how do you live with yourself? Is it true that your demon spawn is actually Carman’s too? I hope he sanitized his dick afterwards…you nasty thing you.

  • Charlean

    That Charlean IS NOT ME…….. and I am really mad about that crap

  • ??

    Glad to see that someone is stepping up to the plate to resolve this. It’s about time. Now, Carman, how about you? You going to step up like a man and ask those you’ve falsely accused, branded and blocked out of paranoia? I believe that Christians are tiredof forked tongued preachers like you. Preaching one thing and doing another.

  • Doesn’t matter

    Well, I can’t answer for Carman but I don’t think he comes on blogs like this. He tries to avoid the public beatings, lol. Have you emailed him about your concerns?

    • Cathy Jo Moore

      He has good reason to stay away! You people are hateful! And talking trash about people who haven’t done a thing to you! I’m out of here with no need to come back! I’m going to pray for all of you on this blog because you all are going to need prayers!

  • #1LegalEagle

    Missing the point…THAT Nancy Licciardello is a fake..it’s a set up by one of these crazy broads. Now come on..do you honestly think his mommy is going to open her page to everyone? Get real. Just another bunch of Carman fantasy freaks. This keeps gettin’ more and more crazy!

  • Jade

    Legal.. sorry to disappoint you, but you’re wrong. That was posted on Nancy’s facebook profile. I know someone who saw it.

    Really Carman, this war has got to stop. You claim you want someone to come forward and tell you, yet you attack anyone who does. A little bi-polar I suppose. Make up your mind. I don’t think you’re really interested in truth, though. Only to know what and who’s saying what so you can squelch their voice and cover some more dirt and save your reputaion ( perhaps that should have been considered before you attacked people. Also, since when is your reputaion yours to protect? Thought that belonged to God?) And wanting privacy is all good, but when your actions have affected so many people in a bad way, you have to make it right. You wont hear anyone because for some ungodly reason, you believe you are right and everyone else is wrong. The only side and the only gossip you seem to listen to is Lisa.. so continue in your childish drama. Why should anyone fight for you if you can’t even recieve that someone else might be telling the truth and not Lisa, who I know from personal accounts, lies to twist and make you and her look like the victim when it is these precious women who have been made the victim by you and your family and ministry. Why? Because this woman did a sting operation and found out some dirty little secrets? I’m sorry, you claim her to be the liar, yet she appears the more credible witness at this point. I can say that from my own personal encounter with CWO she is telling the truth. Also have had many others tell me they received the same poor treatment and accusations. And as you can see many more have come forward as well.

    Charlean, I hope God brings justice to you also. You seem to have it documented well. And no Carman, not all of us are charlean or her friends.

  • anne

    Carman–YOU HAVE BROKEN YOUR FATHER’S HEART. You have grieved the BODY, all for the sake of your vanity, insecurity and your two seconds of pleasure. How much lower do you have to go? How much longer will The Father let you continue? “DO YOU CLEARLY UNDERSTAND THE DANGER YOU ARE IN? IF YOU DIED TODAY, WOULD YOU SPEND ETERNITY IN HEAVEN OR WOULD YOU SPEND ALL OF ETERNITY IN HELL”???HEBREWS 10:29,30.

  • Cathy Jo Moore

    Instead of bashing and condemning this man that none of you even know, shouldn’t all of you be praying for him? Yes, instead of praying for this man, all of you are spreading vicious rumors and judging him as you all work to throw him to demons, and write him off to hell. Carman has been under a HUGE ATTACK for many years that not a one of you even knows about and yes, it has changed him in a great way and caused him to backslide, but shouldn’t all of you HOLIER than THOU hypocrites be praying for him instead of judging him?
    Besides you Charlene, how many of you even know Lisa or have even taken the time to try and get to know her? She is a very loving woman who cares about people and has a great sense of humor and if you befriend her, you will see that you are blessed by doing so. None of you know her yet all of you are downing her.
    And Carlene, he has a top notch tracker that has tracked your ISP number many times. Yes, he is guilty of wanting a family and is looking for a woman in his life to have his children and thought he have might have found her until you found out who she was and sent her all kinds of hateful lies about him how you were sleeping with him. It caused so much trouble between them that she broke up with him. It’s as if I could see you gloating with knowing you were the one responsible for this. You woman should be ashamed of yourself for making your lives work a work that is only out to destroy his. You have driven this man crazy for years and you need help in the worst of ways. Go to your pastor and talk to him about it Carlene. I have talked to him over the phone and he knows all about it and wants to help you! You have been thrown out of Carman’s concerts time and time again and still to this day you talk about how you are going to have his twins? HE DOESN’T want a thing to do with you. Get that through your head! You do not know how to take no for an answer and because of the rejection you have gotten from him, you come in and support blogs such as this one. You need get a hobby and leave Lisa this man alone woman! All of you need to find Hobbies as a matter of fact, for you speak of things that are lies and things that none of you know nothing about. Speaking about God with such hate in your heart for anyone is not right! He wants all of us to pray Carman because satan wants his soul really bad and is trying with all he has to steal him away from Jesus. Pray for this man and stop with all the rumors and the spreading of hate that all of you are doing. All of you should be ashamed as a matter of fact. All of you need prayers more than he ever has for all the judging you are doing when you do not know anything about what GOD is doing when it comes to him and his life.
    May He have mercy on all of your souls!
    Cathy Jo Moore,
    Frontline Warrior,
    Graphic artist
    Web Designed
    And founder of House Cleaning Unlimited Ministries where the Lord and I go forth to help those who are under attack!
    There is a testimony to prove this
    with many witnesses mentioned that back what I say is true!

    Oh and yes, I am the Cathy that is mentioned as being blocked due to being obessed with Oksana. The Lord laid her on my heart to fight for her soul in 1997 and I have been fighting for her every sense. I love her and I pray hard for her still to this day. Something all of you should try once in a while!

  • Cathy Jo Moore

    Sorry about that. That was in the year of 2008 that He began laying her on my heart and she is still laid on my heart with Him placing a great love on it for her.
    ]If any of you do not believe, you can read the soon to be published, book titled, Before It’s Too Late! She is going to be used by GOD IN A MIGHTY WAY! Just think, He could come back stronger than ever to Jesus and she could come to know Jesus and who knows what may happen then! All of you do not know what GOD is up to so I would be very careful what all you speak for you may have to eat your words!

  • Cathy Jo Moore

    Lisa, It seems that it is because they would rather talk trash about people then taking the time to really get to know them. Finding out that you are nothing like what they are trying to portray you to be, would take away from all their fun and then who and what would they have to gossip about?

  • anne

    Cathy-You appear to be doing a bit of “The pot calling the kettle black.” In this last day–none of us has a fear of God anymore. Scripture talks about having a Godly fear. If you saw someone you cared about hanging from a cliff about to fall, wouldn’t you throw them a line in hope that they wouldn’t die??? Some of us are gathered here because we want Carman and anyone else in trouble, to grab the line to save their life. Do you care about his salvation or don’t you?

  • Cathy Jo Moore

    The things I’ve read here are not words of love and concern so who are you trying to fool Anne? And I am speaking directly to all of those who have participated in the bad mouthing of someone they do not even know and I am talking to other people about them behind their backs. And yes, I am going to be praying for all of them, because it is clear that many on this form are in need of prayer! May God put a little love in their hearts and may He help them to be less judging of others whose shoes they have never walked in!

  • Cathy Jo Moore

    I am NOT talking to other people about them behind their backs