Exactly What The World Needs: More Online Music Video

Apr 18th, 2008 // 1 Comment

iwouldhavewelcomedacrosscolorssite.jpgMaybe launching his online music site the same week as the much-buzzed, yet sort of crappy PluggedIn wasn’t the greatest idea, but then again, Tommy Hilfiger’s TommyTV isn’t really all that interesting anyway. You know that Tommy Hilfiger and music go way back–he sponsored that Rolling Stones tour three or four tours ago that probably should have been their last one but wasn’t–but now that connection is solidified in internet form, at least until everyone gets bored with the idea.

Hilfiger has been sponsoring European concerts featuring the likes of Wyclef and one of the Destiny’s Children who isn’t Beyonce for some time, so why not slap that footage up on the web? Users will be able to contribute their own content and enter online talent contests and the like, so there’s that difference between this site and the eighty others that have opened in the wake of YouTube. Seriously, when is it going to stop? I didn’t need another opportunity to hear Wyclef freestyle, especially if it’s going to require another laptop-killing Flash upgrade.

TommyTV [Official site]


  1. NickEddy

    “Rich Girls” on DVD! NOW!

    How many times do I have to repeat myself???

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