Apr 18th, 2008 // 2 Comments

AP061201017516.jpgTravelers landing at Chicago’s Midway or O’Hare airports will hear local music buried somewhere underneath the blaring TVs showing CNN International and the repeated announcements about not leaving your luggage unattended, with 330 songs from local artists on the airports’ in-house radio through a program called Terminal Tunes. But don’t get too excited about hearing your favorite Thrill Jockey signee while you’re untying your shoes at the security checkpoint: So as to not stress out travelers, there will be no “alt-rock, punk, house, or rap-metal,” although apparently alt-country was mellow enough to make the cut. [Chicago Sun-Times]


  1. thearcanemodel

    ha, i did hear the sea and cake at The Store Formerly Known As Marshall Fields recently, though. no joke!

  2. mackro

    Although there’s far less of an audience, on-hold music for anything related to the city of Seattle features only local artists. Apparently, Bill Frisell is in the playlist somewhere.

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