The Pipettes Send Two Of Their Members To The Bin

Apr 21st, 2008 // 18 Comments

pipettesnew08.jpgNu-girl group the Pipettes, who parlayed mimeographed Motown, matching dresses, a semi-decent homage to Russ Meyer, and approximately 500 SXSW showcases into minor musical notoriety last year, have switched up 66% of their lineup, dispensing of members RiotBecki and Rosay and adding two new girls named Ani and Anna. (Will they go through every letter of the alphabet as the member-shuffling continues? If I rename myself Quant, do you think they’ll maybe add me to their list?)

“The Pipettes have two new members, Ani and Anna.

We are demoing up 20-25 new songs, with an eye to recording a second album in the Summer. We want to tell you all about them, but we’re very much head-down working on new material at the moment.

This means that RiotBecki and Rosay have left to pursue other musical pursuits (which will be brilliant when they emerge), we wish them all the best, we’re all still great friends and news on their pursuits will be closely supported by us.

People may be confused by such a drastic change in line-up but please rest assured – if we were to be an imitation of ourselves we would stop. Plus the Pipettes has more members come and go than major labels have A&R men, it’s just another day in the office for us (plus we’ve got to go one better than the Sugababes).

We refer you to the manifesto on our website ( for a more in depth explanation on the functioning of the band; this was the natural step to take. For a more in depth series of answers, we direct you to the prepared video here:

Thanks for all the continued support over this period and we’re incredibly excited to be working toward bringing you a new album that will be unlike anything we (or anyone else) have ever done. We will also have limited edition novelty tee-shirts on sale soon, keep an eye out for them and join the growing thousands who can now claim to be ‘ex-Pipettes.’

The group’s Web site is currently slammed, so I’m not really sure what that “manifesto” might say–but the YouTube link embedded in the announcement is a Rickroll, just in case any of you wanted to know how the group’s creative energy was working.

HRNK! New Pipettes Press Statement Ahoy [Popjustice]

  1. Poubelle

    So the one with the glasses and the brunette are gone, but the blonde stays? Got it.

    Also, that picture is brilliant.

  2. DavidWatts

    You know, I saw an old, dirty poster for them the other day outside a deli in Manhattan, and I wondered if they still existed after all that almost-fame. The answer is a resounding “sort of.”

  3. Thierry

    Technically, it’s 2/7ths of the Pipettes (28.6%) that have been replaced, since The Cassette (the four-piece backing band featuring Pipettes mastermind Monster Bobby) are also part of the group – though they are generally not shown in pictures or featured in interviews.

    Still, no more Rosay? *sigh*

  4. mike a

    I’m going to spend a long, long time ruing the “new Dolly Mixture” compliment I once paid them.

  5. Lucas Jensen

    Okay, creepiness out of the way first: Rosay was the love of my life though she didn’t know it.

    Next, I get their manifesto and all that, but doesn’t it strike anybody as pretty cynical and something that will turn off the indie world a bit? “These two hot checks are totally replaceable with these other hot chicks! Nobody will care!” Look, I know it’s a fake band and all that, but something about it really rubs me the wrong way.

  6. jetblackturd

    @Lucas Jensen: Well maybe, apart from the fact that Gwenno is the actual hot one and they are an awful band anyway.

  7. MTS

    @Lucas Jensen: So are you suggesting the Pipettes are girl haters by how they deem the other women in their band to be easily replaceable?

  8. Lucas Jensen

    @MTS: Maybe? Man, I don’t know.

  9. billyfabs

    Is this like a meta Crystals homage? When does Darlene Love facelessly join in?

  10. Chris Molanphy

    Pipettes to fans: “Your Fandom Is Wasted on Me.”

  11. iheartponeez

    I guess all the internet hipster boys are gonna be following Rosay’s solo career now, huh?

    I know I’ll have to.

  12. Nunya B

    @Poubelle: Re: that picture

    I want to have Peter Robinson’s babies.

  13. narymary

    I have nothing against Gwenno but Rosay and RiotBecki really made the Pipettes’ live shows something to remember. This going to over about as well as when Jacqui O’Sullivan replaced Siobhan Fahey in Bananarama.

    And yes, that is the gayest thing I have ever typed.

  14. mike a

    But didn’t they lose another band member early on? I’d need to consult the Duke of Harringay here for confirmation, but I seem to remember just that. So even if you count the backing band, that’s a big turnover.

  15. Thierry

    @mike a: There actually none of the original singers left in the band…

  16. Anonymous

    In fanboy terms, Rosay was the Keren Woodward of The Pipettes. Now, I suppose we need a seating chart for what happens hereafter.


  17. cerulgalactus

    BOO! and indeed his!

    Pull Members.

  18. bcapirigi

    gwenno was my favorite when i saw them live, although i did like the part where rosay tried to keep playing even after some equipment caught fire and the drummer was coughing up a lung.

    also, i’d be much happier if gwenno sang some pipettes songs in welsh, like she does solo sometimes (like that one song that ended up on a celtic putumayo cd.)

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