Fergie To Sing <i>Sex And The City</i> Movie Theme, Pretend She Isn’t 33

AP080406027591.jpgFergie’s all excited that she got to record the theme song to the movie adaptation of Sex And The City, and why wouldn’t she be? After all, she “grew up” watching the show, like so many other young women. But isn’t she 33? Didn’t the show start in the summer of 1998, which would have made her 23 at the time? Seeing as how she was an ex-Kid Incorporated, banging JC Chasez, and in some stage of a meth addiction, wouldn’t you consider that a rather old 23? Old enough that she was probably learning more from Samantha than from Carrie?

From a press release for the soundtrack:

[Producer Salaam] Remi wrote a brand-new opening number for the film, “Labels or Love,” which, as sung by pop superstar Fergie, re-imagines the series’ iconic theme as a fabulous pop song.

“I grew up watching Sex and the City,” Fergie says, “and I know a lot of my girlfriends did as well. We felt like these characters were our friends, so to be a part of this project has been amazing. I’m such a fan of the show and am very flattered that they asked me to be involved.”

The soundtrack also features a brand-new song from Oscar-winning diva Jennifer Hudson, who plays a personal assistant to Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in the film. Hudson shows off her powerful pipes on “All Dressed in Love” (written by MC Jack Splash and Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-Lo Green), which plays over the end credits. “Jennifer makes it almost impossible not to dance out of the theater,” King says.

The remainder of Sex and the City: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is an eclectic mix of songs from such artists as Indie.Arie, Jem, Al Green and Joss Stone (with Stone’s vocal recorded especially for the soundtrack), and indie bands Morningwood, The Bird & the Bee, and The Weepies. The disc also includes classics from Nina Simone and Run-D.M.C.

The soundtrack comes out May 27, three days before the movie. Fergie, you can do one-handed cartwheels! Take pride in your age.