Thom Yorke Asking For A Carbon Footprint Up His Ass

Apr 21st, 2008 // 18 Comments

AP08022707618.jpgRadiohead will be performing on Late Night With Conan O’Brien on Wednesday, which falls during NBC’s “Green Week.” Radiohead was the first band to play on the long-running show back in 1993, so it’s a bit of a sentimental moment for everyone involved. Thing is, the band is sending a clip of themselves performing in London rather than flying down to perform on set. Thom will announce before the clip that by not flying across the Atlantic Ocean, they’ll be saving a lot of resources for Gaia. So should fans decrease their carbon footprint by not sitting in Conan’s audience? Or maybe just not sit through yet another clip of Radiohead playing live?

Recorded live in London, Radiohead’s performance of “House of Cards,” represents an ongoing effort by the socially conscious band to act in the greenest manner possible. By opting to record this exclusive performance rather than fly over for a one-off appearance, the band – as frontman Thom Yorke notes in the introduction to their performance – avoided leaving a carbon footprint equivalent to driving one’s car for a solid year.

Fuck you, Thom Yorke. I’m supposed to applaud you for finding a way to promote your new album on Conan without increasing your “carbon footprint” on the planet? I know how easy it is for Radiohead is to film themselves playing live in a room. It’s all you guys do. This only deserves commendation is if I accept that it was a necessity for you to appear on Conan in the first place. And as I’m not a self-righteous, self-enamored rock star (yet), I can’t make that logical leap. Are you going to send holograms of yourself on tour, allowing fans to congratulate themselves (and you, of course) by declining the ecological strain that would created by dragging your moany ass across the world? Should award nominees preface their “live-via-satellite” acceptance speeches by saying that by staying on set and not walking down the red carpet, they’re helping keep our planet just a little bit healthier?

Radiohead playing Conan (again) (sort of) (green) (video) [Brooklyn Vegan]

  1. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    Are you going to send holograms of yourself on tour…

    On the radio the other day, they were talking about Serj Tankian (sp?) of System of a Down wanting to do this very thing. I don’t think it was because he wanted to be “green,” but rather because he wanted all those sweet concert revenues without having to bother leaving his house.

  2. loudersoft

    It’s our own fault, we critics. They take outlandish liberties with the way they steep their tea and light their fags, yet we’re the ones who marvel in the million ways we love drowning in their piss and choking on their smoke.

    Thanks for saving the planet guys.

  3. Ned Raggett

    @How do I say this … THROWDINI!: he wanted all those sweet concert revenues without having to bother leaving his house

    Telecommuting, the new old thing.

  4. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Couldn’t they have, I don’t know, waited until they were coming to the New York area for their upcoming tour?

  5. Thierry

    When Thom discovers that he and the boys aren’t bringing actual grizzly bears on tour with to save them from climate change, he’s going to be pissed…

  6. Maura Johnston

    this announcement reminds me of that scene in pcu when jessica walter reminds the audience that the graduation programs are printed on recycled paper.

  7. comehomenow

    I see the old adage still applies that no good deed goes unpunished.

    Way to be a wet blanket.

  8. Artie Fufkin

    I am gonna drive my car for an entire year to offset their non appearance on Conana.

  9. Captain Wrong

    Or you could just go to the Indiana show. I had no idea they were allegedly choosing venues based on their proximity to public transportation considering we have no public transportation in Indy except for a rickety bus line and the venue they are playing at is in a suburb ten miles beyond town that is impossible to get to any way other than by car.

  10. Anonymous

    This is not like he’s cheating a crowd of 30,000 out of a live performance. He is affecting only the 100 people in the show’s live audience. Everyone else sees it on their TV anyway, so it doesn’t matter where it was recorded. I applaud this.

  11. Anonymous

    Ditto for the ‘Seattle’ show. They’re playing at a remote suburban amphitheatre that’s a bitch to get to, no public transportation, with everyone stuck in cars for hours in a traffic jam on a two lane road. Radiohead’s alleged greenness is all style and no substance. Much like their music.

  12. Lax Danja House

    Wouldn’t it be even more carbon conscious if they didn’t bother setting up masses of cameras and microphones and shit to record the damn thing? Camera phone would be sufficient I think.

  13. Anonymous

    @Penny_Lane: Thank you for the only sensible comment on this thread.

  14. Wasp vs Stryper

    @Maura Johnston:

    OMG yes! And then like PCU, Radiohead can adopt an endangered species to be their mascot.

    Whooping crane.

    Also, does it mention in their self congratulating press release anywhere that they don’t support EMI’s soon to be released box set? Because that would get another one of their points across without having to send out paper.

  15. zuzz

    Thom Yorke is still trying to figure out what he should do with all the plastic bottles from the Fake Plastic Trees video shoot.

  16. nonce

    Is this part of the Nick Denton memo to hate everything in a creative way? If so, you still have some kinks to work out.

  17. Maura Johnston

    people, people! let’s step back and think this through. really, the intent is fine, it’s the self-congratulatory press releases that make the whole enterprise a little noxious. (you would think that the stench emitted by press releases such as this one would have their own negative environmental effects, but i guess not.) were this not thom yorke and co.’s sacred band engaging in this stunt, i would think people would be a little more likely to roll their eyes at it, but maybe that’s just me.

    now, let’s all sit down on our mats and watch the ‘greenzo’ episode of 30 rock.

  18. drjayphd

    @Ned Raggett: Hey, it worked for Future Sound of London… right? Uh, right, guys?

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