New Nas Single Is Racial Slur-Tastic

Apr 21st, 2008 // 11 Comments

AP061220036166.jpg Nas makes his bid for Lenny Bruce-hood on “Be A N—– Too,” the first single from his upcoming album, N—–. The music has the familiar grandiosity of most late-era Nas, and the verses are a familiar grab bag of media disses, cultural refs and “shaking my third leg in the toilet” boasts. Not that anyone’s going to talk much about either of those aspects after hearing the chorus.

I’m a n—–, he’s a n—–, she’s a n—–, we’s some n—–, wouldn’t you like to be a n—– too?

To all my k— n—–s, s— n—–s, g—– n—–s, c—- n—–s, that’s right, y’all my n—–s too.

I’m a n—–, he’s a n—–, she’s a n—–, we’s some n—–, wouldn’t you like to be a n—– too?

They like to strangle n—–, blame a n—–, shoot a n——, hang a n—–, still you wanna be a n—– too?


Inspired and liberated by his appropriation of the ethnic slur? Bored senseless? Unsure what all the words in the second line are? Hear for yourself.

EXCLUSIVE: Nas Drops Controversial Song “Be A Ni**er Too”; Calls Out All Races [AllHipHop]


  1. Anonymous

    The idea that all this hype about the N word being used repeatedly in a rap song is equivalent to the hype of Jason Segal appearing full frontal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

    Big fucking deal.

    The song is decent, nothing you haven’t heard before.

  2. Julio Allison

    You’ve literally heard it before — from Easy-E back in 1991.

  3. Julio Allison


    Sorry, that’s Eazy.

  4. loudersoft

    What is this N word everyone keeps referring to? Have I heard this word before?

  5. BigRicks

    It’s good to see that has picked up the title of “The World’s Most Dnagerous Site” after went down.

  6. FionaScrapple

    Rhymes with “trigga”!!!

  7. natepatrin

    Man, Dr. Pepper was a little too hasty throwing all their pop music tie-in promo weight behind Axl.

  8. Anonymous

    @natepatrin: I was four minutes too late to make that joke. Four. Minutes. FUCK.

  9. natepatrin

    @StuntKockSteeev: If it makes you feel any better, I feel terrible about the inadvertent pun in my usage of the term “pop music”.

  10. bcapirigi

    whoa. with language like that he’ll never get to host the tv like oprah winfrey.

  11. Anonymous

    Shouts out to Patti Smith

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