Lil Wayne: Almost As Popular As Sex

AP07090903011.jpgAt least on YouTube, where searches for his name came in second only to “sex” during last month. has released the top 25 search terms on the video-sharing site for last month, and there is some good news for the music business buried within: music-related search terms made up 16 of the 25 top queries, with the number of hunts for Chris Brown and “No Air” even beating out the number of searches for “porn.” (OK, so people looking for that sort of thing are probably over at YouPorn, but never let it be said that searching for sex on the Internet isn’t something of an eternal quest.) Full list after the jump.

1 Sex Sex 0.132%
2 Lil Wayne Music (Artist) 0.109%
3 Low Music (Artist) 0.100%
4 Chris Brown Music (Artist) 0.091%
5 No Air Music (Song Title) 0.081%
6 Porn Sex 0.078%
7 Family Guy TV 0.077%
8 Soulja Boy Music (Artist) 0.065%
9 Naruto Anime 0.065%
10 Funny Comedy 0.063%
11 Jonas Brothers Music (Artist) 0.063%
12 Usher Music (Artist) 0.053%
13 Hannah Montana Music (Artist) 0.050%
14 Jeff Dunham Comedy 0.050%
15 Miley Cyrus Music (Artist) 0.048%
16 Jabbawockeez TV (Dance Group) 0.047%
17 Touch My Body Music (Song Title) 0.047%
18 Love Song Music (Song Title) 0.045%
19 Fights Sports 0.044%
20 American Idol TV 0.043%
21 Bleeding Love Music (Song Title) 0.042%
22 Mariah Carey Music (Artist) 0.042%
23 With You Music (Song Title) 0.041%
24 Sexy Can I Music (Song Title) 0.039%
25 WWE Sports 0.038%

I’m pretty sure that the “Low” coming in at No. 3 is the unkillable T-Pain assisted Flo Rida track and not the Minnesota indie-rock stalwarts, but man would I love to be wrong.

Top 25 YouTube Search Terms: March 2008 [, via mediaeater]

  • Al Shipley

    Jeff Dunham and “Peanut”: bigger than Miley Cyrus and “Hannah Montana”.

  • Anonymous

    Hol’ up… YouPorn?!??!??!

    God Bless America.

  • Anonymous

    I remember the good old days, before an idolator post about Lil Wayne caused me to discover the existence of Jabbawockeez. For Shame, E-Fonzarelli. For Shame.

  • baconfat

    “Funny Comedy” – it’s always been my favorite kind of comedy. Glad to know other people are into it as well.

  • natepatrin

    Jeff Dunham? This is the Jeff Dunham that was frequently referenced and/or mocked on MST3K circa 1992? What, is #26 the Amazing Jonathan?

  • Ned Raggett

    #27: Woozle, Peanut

  • Al Shipley

    Apparently, the source of Dunham’s resurgence in popularity is a video featuring a culturally sensitive new puppet character called “Achmed The Dead Terrorist” that has racked up 43 million views on YouTube. Ah, the democracy in action of Web 2.0.

  • natepatrin

    @Al Shipley: So basically he’s Carlos Mencia with puppets now. Great.

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