“Fox 411″ Columnist’s Anti-David Cook Diatribe: A Sign That Clive Is Not Pleased?

Apr 22nd, 2008 // 10 Comments

Yesterday, the always-quick-on-the-uptake Fox News writer Roger Friedman posted a story about David Cook having an album out prior to his American Idol appearance, a fact which Friedman presumably noticed because said album, Analog Heart, topped the Amazon MP3 store’s charts this past weekend. (It’s since been pulled.) Friedman even got a little outraged about Cook being a “ringer,” which is pretty funny given that every other singer left in the competition this year has either put out an album (Carly, Brooke) or been on some sort of TV show (Syesha was on The One, Jason was on Cheyenne, and David Archuleta was on Star Search). But the fact that Friedman is just now getting peevish about the sanctity of American Idol‘s contestant pool makes me wonder if one of the record-biz bigwigs he pals around with has put a bee in his bonnet about the possibility of the grunge revivalist Cook beating out the lip-licky Archuleta, who’s seemed to be this season’s chosen one from the start.

It’s no secret that Friedman is buddy-buddy with the recently shoved-aside Sony BMG executive Clive Davis; Friedman has devoted many a pixel to praising the aging exec and his Grammy-party-hosting old-biz ways. (A recent example: Friday’s news that Sony BMG had bumped Davis aside prompted Friedman to say “the record business is just about over… with Clive removed from the picture on a daily basis, the end is one step nearer.”) While it’s unclear whether or not Davis’ new position as “chief creative officer” will result in him being as involved with Idol winners’ albums as he’s been in previous years, it’s not too much of a stretch to think that Davis, whose most recent success has come with the blandly spooky Leona Lewis, would be unnerved by Cook’s not-all-that-edgy “edginess,” especially when a) he wasn’t so into Kelly Clarkson’s attempt to take a similar tack and b) the (perhaps delusional) promise of teenpop money from David Archuleta’s screaming fans seems so close.

My guess is that this will all come to a head on the Idol season finale, when Cook is forced to mug his way through the treacly coronation song while Archuleta smiles and wets his lips throughout his performance–you know, sort of like what happened last year, only this time I’m pretty sure that David Cook will actually sell albums once all is said and done.

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  1. punkybunky

    While Archuleta is destined for a Taylor-Hicks-like obscurity post-Idol, I have to say I’d rather have him win over the Other David. But only because of this: if Archie wins he’ll be sure to fade away within about a month, while if Cook wins it’ll be like having a super Daughtry. Of course, Cook will probably be forced on the listening public for months to come whether he wins or loses due to the fact that America is enamoured of sterile nu-grunge on a dizzying scale, so it’s really all kinda pointless, isn’t it?

    On the bright side, I predict a huge David Cook fail for tonight’s Andrew Lloyd Webber theme episode. Although the judges will surely *love* it, no matter what tripe he comes up with.

  2. Manola

    I’m not half as critical as all of you re. tonight’s show, but one thing is for certain: if Archie wins, that will seal the fate of AI disappearing off the airwaves by 2010. The show is in desperate need of credibility. There is occasionally a discussion about the votes being rigged. Well, I bet the producers kick themselves for not having rigged the results when Chris Daughtry was eliminated. David Cook is the only viable alternative for AI to stop losing viewers.

  3. MTS

    I have a small request, and that is can I never hear the phrase “lip-licky” on Idolator (or anywhere) again?

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