“Please Don’t Go” Gets Remade For The Jock Jams Generation (Again)

Apr 22nd, 2008 // 10 Comments

Yes, really. The Swedish pop star Basshunter, whom some of you may remember as the guy who said “”I like very much to use my penis” when sexy pictures of him came out a few months ago (link NSFW), has a new single out in the UK, and it’s already been christened the worst song of 2008 by the Popjustice folk. That’s probably because said song is a remake KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Please Don’t Go” that sounds like it’s had the beat from “Rock And Roll Part 2″ grafted onto it, creating a slightly dizzying-in-a-bad-way stomp. I’m mainly posting this as a public service–I have a nagging feeling that this version’s bludgeoning beat will be blaring out of many sports-arena speakers within the next few weeks, and you all should be warned–and as an excuse to post both the original and KWS’ 1992 cover of the track. Those are after the jump.

The KC and the Sunshine Band version:

And the KWS version, performed on Top Of The Pops:

Insert my now-standard “I miss the ’90s” lament here.

Basshunter – Please Don’t Go [YouTube via Popjustice]


  1. jasonelias

    Basshunter sure has a natural, pure voice. No studio manipulation there…

  2. Nunya B

    Links to Popjustice are flying fast and furious this week, aren’t they?

  3. Maura Johnston

    @kisskisskiss: It’s one of those weeks where we’re just on the same wavelength, I guess. Cosmic!

  4. Clevertrousers

    RE: KWS – Will this be the summer of the retro hi-top fade for the blipster set? Please oh please!

  5. vivalabridgetta

    Stop sullying my childhood pleasures of bygone dance classics you bastard dance producers.

  6. It Must Be Take a Worm for a Walk Week

    This has nothing on KLF/Timelords’ “Doctorin’ the Tardis”. Now THAT is a crap single worth loving.

  7. NeverEnough

    @It Must Be Take a Worm for a Walk Week: LOVE The KLF. I was just listening to their version of “All You Need Is Love”. Fantastic.

  8. KinetiQ

    @NeverEnough: While it was Rockman Rock and King Boy D who sampled “All You Need is Love”, they did so under the name “The Jamms.” Not really much of a cover, though a lot of the JAMMs tracks were like that.

    IMO their finest polished turd was K Foundation presents the Red Army Choir: “K Cera Cera.”

  9. NeverEnough

    @KinetiQ: By any chance, do you know where that sample (“my child is dying and there’s nothing I can do…”) is from in “All You Need Is Love”? I’ve never been able to find out.

  10. Anonymous

    @NeverEnough: I don’t think it’s a sample. [en.wikipedia.org])

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