How Did This Guitar Only Sell For $255?

Apr 22nd, 2008 // 22 Comments


OK, so it’s probably really heavy to tote around on stage. And a pain in the ass to take on tour. And if one neck breaks you’re likely going to be in need of four replacements. But surely these specifications are at least worth $100 a paragraph before shipping?

First neck is 4 string bass neck with 22 frets on rose wood fret board-smooth maple neck great feel with two full size bass pickups which provide great bass sound-along with chrome tennessee brand tuning gears which hold solid tune- position marker dots on side of neck-chrome bridge-trus rod in neck

Second neck is 8 string mandolin neck with 20 frets on rose wood fret board-smooth maple neck with 1 single coil mandolin pickup -Chrome tuning gears hold solid mandolin tune- position marker dots on side of neck-rose wood fully adjustable bridge

Third neck is 5 string banjo with 22 frets and rose wood fret board -1 extra wide banjo pick up provides great banjo sound-position marker dots on side of neck-5th string geared .ivory color tuning gears hold great banjo tune along fully adjustable rosewood bridge-trus rod in neck

Forth neck is 6 string guitar neck with 22 frets on rose wood fret board-smooth maple neck great feel with two full size P-90 guitar pickups which provide great guitar sound-along with chrome tennessee brand tuning gears which hold solid tune- position marker dots on side of neck-chrome bridge and tail piece-trus rod in neck

That’s 23 strings, people! And it has a “silver sparkly” finish. I wish I’d known about this before bidding had ended, because I would have gone for it.


  1. tigerpop

    Seems wrong to call it a “guitar.” How about “Manjobasssitar”? Or the easier on the tongue “Freak of nature”? Either way, my neck hurts just thinking about it.

  2. disinterested 3rd party

    It’s amazing, really. It’s amazing that somebody spent that much time making a bassmanjotar that ugly. Everybody knows tobacco sunburst is the most collectible color of bassmanjotars…..

  3. tigerpop

    Holy crap–their entire eBay store is full of things that should not be. This, for starters.

  4. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    @tigerpop: I just imagine this thing writhing in pain saying “Kill me…I should not be…”

  5. The Notorious T


    Cheap Trick isn’t touring anytime soon?

  6. Anonymous

    They easily could’ve gotten double that price with a certificate of authenticity asserting that “Mandocello” was written on it.

  7. TheContrarian

    @tigerpop: Wow. I love the header for this 15-string bass — “For Beginning and ‘advance’ bassists.”

  8. Clevertrousers

    Because there was no Keytar neck…

  9. beta.rogan

    @The Notorious T: hahahaha beat me to it!

  10. Falconfire

    @tigerpop: Thats a ripoff WARR stick, not a bass.

  11. FionaScrapple

    You’d have to pay me $255 to change the strings.

  12. Mick Kraut

    How did this item escape Rick Neilsen’s attention?

  13. Mick Kraut

    Sorry@The Notorious T:

    Sorry about that…

  14. OingoBobo

    Perhaps it has a curse? Something that cool cannot possibly be safe, like a Monkey’s Paw or the femur of St. Augustine. A homonculous in the pickguard?

  15. tigerpop

    @Falconfire: Bring on the Chapman stick! . . . said Tony Levin.

  16. the rich girls are weeping

    There’s nothing really to add here, save OMG WANT. You could at least hang it on the wall as art or something.

  17. tigerpop

    @the rich girls are weeping: How big is your wall?

  18. AcidReign

        I wouldn’t restring that thing unless I HAD to. I’d scotch-brite those strings till I wore ‘em in half! I’d have to work on the thing, if I bought it. I’m not big on country music, so two of the necks are useless to me. Then, the one actual guitar on the thing has single-coil soapbars on it. Can’t exactly play Judas Priest covers on that!

  19. Anonymous

    Well, its not $255. Its $255 + $134.98 (shipping). Typical e-bay up-charge.

    Total, $390 is still sort of cheap for that, but gotta ask, is it a piece of crap to play? I look at the photo’s and have to ask because the machine heads look pretty cheap.

  20. AcidReign

        @gjmacd: I don’t think the machine heads are a big deal. I always get these “my guitar won’t stay in tune, the tuners are crap!” complaints. And, it’s always a case of crappy stringing.

        The standard tuning key is a work of art. It always works, even if it’s made of crappy metal. You’ve GOT to tune up, first of all. Tuning down to a note leaves the possibility of slippage.

        Then, you’ve got to have your strings wound neatly. If it’s a big wad of messy crap on the tuning peg, with a yard of whippy end flailing around, well, then, you deserve your intonation problems!

        If I had to guess, I’d think that a guitar body the size of a patio table is going to hurt, in short order. And with 23 strings worth of tension…. Warp-city. Tune all the strings down, put a nice paint job on it, and hang it on the wall. I doubt it’s a practical instrument!

  21. LAKingsin2009

    The question is, what song requires you play with this thing? I think Jack White could probably compose one.

  22. the rich girls are weeping

    @tigerpop: Well, I live in an 1897 brownstone, so … pretty big, actually.

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