¿Qué Tal Tu Móvil?: The 10-Second Songs That Are Ringing Spain’s Mobile Phones

Apr 22nd, 2008 // 9 Comments

chikichiki2.jpgSpanish mobile carrier Yoigo has posted a list of its most popular ringtone downloads in the Sala de Música section of its Web site, and not surprisingly, Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” is No. 1. Rihanna must have a killer European publicity team, because she has an almost God-like omnipresence on this continent. But the rest of the list is highlighted by Spanish and Latin American pop, including a Sevillan boy band and Spain’s particularly pathetic Eurovision entry.


“Destination calabria,” Alex Gaudino ft. Crystal Waters:

A mashup of a Danish dance track and Crystal Waters’ “Destination Unknown.” Gaudino is an Italian DJ.
Ringtone worthiness: 7/10.

“Cuando amanece,” Estopa:

Estopa is a “rock/rumba” group from outside of Barcelona with an apparent affinity for ’70s buddy cop movies.
Ringtone worthiness: 6/10.

“Baila el chiquichiqui,” Rodolfo Chikiliquatre:

How fortunate that someone was nice enough to add subtitles to this half-assed-even-for-a-novelty-song novelty song. I haven’t been keeping up with the Eurovision entries this year, but this surely must be towards the bottom of the heap.
Ringtone worthiness: 8/10, but only because it sounds like a ringtone in and of itself.

“Cobarde,” David Bustamante:

Your standard pretty-man pop song. I detect shades of Ricky Martin.
Ringtone worthiness: 7/10.

“Ella y yo,” Grupo Aventura and Don Omar:

The presence of exactly one Latino/Reggaeton artist on this list pretty much reflects the attitude towards Latin American music here in Spain–it spices things up once in a while, but not too much.
Ringtone worthiness: 9/10. That Latin beat is perfect for the inevitable 10-second dance party you would have every time your phone rang.

“Pa’ Madrid,” El Barrio:

According to the sort of dubious Wikipedia entry on El Barrio, they’re a “new flamenco” group, and lead singer José Luis Figuereo is a poet.
Ringtone worthiness: 3/10. Too boring!

“Escúchame mujer,” Fondo Flamenco:

Now this is is a boy band: vaguely misogynistic, hangin’ out down by the river in Sevilla with your shirt open, singing some harmonies over a gauzy sax. Jonas Brothers take note.
Ringtone worthiness: 9/10.

“Papeles mojados,” Chambao:

For when you want your phone to ring and advertise your social consciousness. Chambao is yet another flamenco fusion group out of Andalucia. They seem like they probably burn a lot of incense.
Ringtone worthiness: 5/10.

Sala de Música [Yoigo.com]

  1. Anonymous

    Look, it’s Jimmy Carl Black, the Indian of the group!

  2. NickEddy

    I thought that was Terry Richardson in the pic.

  3. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    Like those prophets Arctic Monkeys sang — “There’s only music so that there’s new ringtones.”

  4. bcapirigi

    i wish fondo flamenco were cuter.

    also, that other guy makes dustin the turkey sound like sandie shaw.

  5. Clevertrousers

    “Baila El Robocop” Awesome.

    Chambao is like the major label corporate version of Ojos de Brujo. I remember when Estopa first broke a few years back and the Spanish music press was billing them as “The Gallagher Brothers of El Rumba” – like it was a good thing.

    Still they did make this song with El Peret:

  6. Clevertrousers

    Just curious – will there be any posts on the good stuff from Spain? Like Fernando Trueba’s Calle 54 label or Mario Pacheco’s Nuevos Media’s records? Some of that Nuevo Flamenco/ Flamenco Jazz stuff is pretty spectacular – like Concha Buika:

    Would love to get an update on that stuff, too (like is Trueba’s club in Barrio Salamanca still around?)… Spain is more than just goofy pop music.. even in Madrid…

  7. Kate Richardson

    @Clevertrousers: Hey now, I’ve been trying to cover what I consider good in the regular music posts…:(

    I’ll have a look into Calle 54 and Nuevos Medias, though I don’t spend much time in Salamanca, and I only have about two more weeks in the country, so I can’t promise miracles.

  8. HUGE_Hefner

    I think “El ChiquiChiqui” is not that funny, really, but I do think is funny that Spain did a huge poll to see what song they would send to Eurovision and that one won.

    Someone told me the song was written by Santiago Segura, who is probably the greatest human being that has ever existed.

    You have to see the trilogy of movies called “Torrente” while you´re there Kate. You just have to.

  9. Clevertrousers

    @Kate Richardson: Don’t mind me – I’m just jealous and cranky that we can’t afford our usual trip to Spain this summer… These dispatches are great… and El Chiquichiqui alone was worth it… also, there’s no good reason to spend time in Salamanca unless you’re a rich old fascist or a Real Madrid fan (or both)… but do check out Nuevos Medios – they were pretty much the soundtrack to La Movida back in the day and launched some pretty great acts like Pata Negra and Ketama (before they got totally corny).

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