Digital-Age Phrases That Should Never Be Used

Apr 22nd, 2008 // 8 Comments

blogger.jpg“Within 2 years, the leading music blogs will become what used to be called ‘Record Labels’. The people running them will be those sharp, tuned-in, hyper-networked and resourceful BlogJs formerly known as bloggers.” Not only does “BlogJ” sound, well, dumb, the whole thing is even worse when you realize that the only reason the full half-word is being used–instead of the rhymes-with-DJ term that makes more sense–is so as not to offend delicate ears who think of different things when the letters “b” and “j” come together. Of course, the irony there is that “BlogJ” types are very well-versed in giving BJs of the verbal sort, amirite? [Digital Music News / T-shirt via Gifts For A Geek]

  1. KinetiQ

    So you won’t be able to tell anyone what you do on the radio. Soon to be a moot point.

    Props on the “amirite.”

  2. Maura Johnston

    @KinetiQ: i would love to go back on the radio. sigh

  3. Anonymous

    Wait…but…Universal Music Group owns a piece of Buzznet which owns Idolator, so doesn’t that make Idolator….Oh nevermind.

  4. jt.ramsay

    What? No hat tip? I’m making the sad face emoticon with my actual face.

  5. OingoBobo

    “Blog” is one of the dumberer words ever Imagineered.
    I’d rather write an “Online Journal” so I could go all “OJ” on someone’s ass.

  6. Nicolars

    I don’t want to blog, BJ.

  7. Anonymous

    @owenmeany: I’ve been wondering that same thing…

  8. Catbirdseat

    Wait, I thought it was “TEH BLOGGERS OF TODAY = TEH HIP HOP STARS OV TEH EIGHTIES.” That’s what that one jackass (ostensibly-wine-expert) VLOGGER* guy said recently. And no, I’m not going to link to him.

    (* who the fuck came up with the term “VLOGGING” anyway? Please shoot that person. I mean, if “BLOG” comes from “weB-LOG”, shouldn’t “videO-LOG” equate to “OLOG”? Otherwise, wouldn’t we be reading “WLOGS” now? Ok, I think I’ve had enough to drink this evening, thankyouverymuch)

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