Apr 22nd, 2008 // 2 Comments

jasonn.jpgJason Castro admitted that he had no idea “Memory” was sung by a cat. Despite it being in Cats. And despite him picking the song for Andrew Lloyd Webber night from, you know, the composer’s entire catalog. And Brooke White just pulled her second false start of the season, forgetting the opening words to “You Must Love Me”! I mean, we probably all figured that ALW night would be a bit trainwrecky, but who among us thought that the song from freaking Starlight Express would bring the best performance of tonight’s first half-hour?

  1. Thierry

    @Chris Molanphy: Agreed – though I thought that Carly took the easy way out by letting the backup singers do the heavy lifting on the choruses…

  2. Your GPA

    Seriously! Between ALW’s honesty with the contestants, everybody’s horrible performances and no one knowing what songs they’re singing…this is awesome. I can’t wait til David Cook strolls in with a guitar and Nickelbacks one of ALW’s favorites in front of him.

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