Et Tu, Def Leppard, Or: What Hard Rock Band <i>Doesn’t</i> Want To Be On CMT These Days?

Apr 23rd, 2008 // 7 Comments

It’s long been argued that the poodle-rock audience moved to pop-country in the late ’90s, and the new Def Leppard video, “Nine Lives,” is a logical extension of that. No, Def Leppard hasn’t replaced their guitars with banjos, they’ve just invited Tim McGraw to drawl on another half-hearted attempt at a Hysteria-esque arena stomp. That lick on the chorus is a little country, too. Man, now even the British hair bands are pledging allegiance to the shitkickers. [YouTube via Blabbermouth]

  1. Thierry

    So it’s basically Shania Twain with a male singer, then.

    Bryan Adams?

  2. The Notorious T

    @Thierry: I thought Mutt Lange had long since washed his hands of Def Leppard. I could be wrong, though.

    I have to admit that “Pour Some Sugar On Me” has always sounded more like the title of a country-western ballad (or 70s soul song, for that matter) than a hair metal classic.

  3. Sniffle

    I would normally say, “my how Def Leppard has fallen”, but the truth is they haven’t left the same spot since 1987.

  4. tigerpop

    @Sniffle: That’s not entirely true. You’re forgetting “Let’s Get Rocked.” If that’s not a bold step forward, I don’t know what is. Viva Vivian Campbell!

  5. Thierry

    @The Notorious T: He has, but it’s not like DL radically changed their sound after he left…

  6. Anonymous

    Wow, Joe Elliott is starting to look like my Nanna, too.

  7. AcidReign

        Tim McGraw’s just a sales gimmick. He’s irrelevant to the song.

        Def Leppard arranges the guitar parts SO well… Why have they not had the hits, since “Hysteria?” It’s the drums. The playing’s fine, and that’s saying something, seeing as how the drummer’s missing two limbs. But, wow. What a crappy-sounding kit! You can get more bang out of hitting a pencil on the table, than that snare. I can’t even hear the kick drum.

        Def Leppard sold themselves in the 1980s by being a mainstream rocker-type band with a pronounced, dance-able, huge drum sound. With cardboard percussion, not so much…

        Joe Elliot sounds a lot smoother, now, too. Where’s that edge? Where’s that shimmer in the mix?

        Vivian Campbell, how you torment us! Cool upper-dissonance lick, grating on our ears. Nice tone. But on your solo… it’s like cruising along, under the speed limit, in a 25 MPH zone. Now, I’m going to have to break out “Rainbow in the Dark,” to get that out of my system!

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