Apr 23rd, 2008 // Comment

logo_mp3tunes.gifMP3Tunes CEO Michael Robertson sent out an e-mail to users yesterday asking them to rise up and complain about EMI’s lawsuit against the company, which centers around–what else?–copyright infringement. EMI is suing MP3Tunes because in its eyes, third-party storage of digital-music files goes against copyright law because of the possibility of other people accessing the files online; MP3Tunes, for its part, says that its 125,000 users only use the service for personal backups and being able to listen to their music collections on the go. Something tells me that the real truth lies somewhere within the gray area between those two points, albeit closer to MP3Tunes’ side because sharing passwords is a big pain in the rear. [CrunchGear via NEW MUSIC TIPSHEET]


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