LiveNation Bans Tailgating At Jersey Rock Shows. Duuuude?!?!!?!

Apr 24th, 2008 // 12 Comments

AP0610040236193.jpgDamn, LiveNation! Would you ban the birds for singing? In a rather belated response to two alcohol-related deaths and 83 arrests at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel last August, LiveNation is banning tailgating from at least five shows at the venue this summer. These gigs will include ones by John Mayer, OAR, 311, Linkin Park, and WTKU’s Beatstock. Not that I planned hitting a 311 concert in Jersey this summer, but this still seems painfully uncool. There has to be a way to curb violence and underage alcohol abuse without eliminating half the reason people go to hippie jams and festivals in the first place. And why only these five shows?

Planned concerts at the PNC Bank Arts Center that will presumably allow tailgating include James Taylor, The Ringo Starr All-Starr Band, Chicago/Doobie Brothers, John Mellencamp, Rush, Donna Summer, Joe Cocker/Steve Miller, Kenny Chesney, Yes, James Blunt, The Police/Elvis Costello, Maroon 5/Counting Crows, Judas Priest, Boston and the Jonas Brothers. Aside from the Jonas Brothers (whose prepubescent fans love to get hiiiiiigh don’t you know), all these acts are aimed at audiences well above drinking age, unless accompanied by a parent. But what about Warped? Ozzfest? Well, those shows won’t be happening at the venue at all.

“We need to teach kids that getting out of control in the parking lot is not cool,” Live Nation New York president Kevin Morrow told a small audience at Holmdel High School last month. “We have tried to get some of the more sober musicians to do public service announcements, but they don’t want to be the poster child for it.”

“I have never had someone die at one of my shows,” Morrow also said. “So, we decided to remove shows like Ozzfest, the Mayhem Tour and Warped Tour.”

Seeing as how teenage revelry isn’t solely a Jersey thing, can we assume other LiveNation-booked ampitheatres (there are about 40) will soon enact similar plans, or will this be forgotten in a year? Could this signal the end of youth-oriented festivals that stoners can be stoned at?

Tailgating Banned at John Mayer, 311 Shows [Spinner]


  1. MickFNS

    Getting out of control in the parking lot IS cool considering the fucking ridiculous price of concessions, Mr. Morrow. Anyway, I’d have to get wrecked to sit through most of those acts. Sober for John Mayer…? Yeesh! Way to be in touch with the listeners, LivenNation!

  2. Ned Raggett

    Aside from the Jonas Brothers (whose prepubescent fans love to get hiiiiiigh don’t you know)

    “I heard from someone backstage that you people out there love to drink…orange juice!”

  3. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Awesome! I can’t wait to be driving on the Parkway with loads of people who get tanked before they leave their house!

  4. MickFNS

    @Ned Raggett:

    Thank you for that laugh, sir. Forgot about that. I’m gonna go burn Kiss Alive to my iTunes now…

  5. luciluce666

    What, are they gonna ban dancing too?

    So LAME!

  6. Ned Raggett

    @MickFNS: Yer welcome. But I should note your life will be even more improved when you get a hold of this.

  7. MickFNS

    @Ned Raggett:

    That’s the one with all his between-song banter spliced together? I actually have that! The thing where he’s doing his Michael Jackson impression… oh, God…

  8. Ned Raggett

    @MickFNS: That’s a generous description of that last bit.

  9. MickFNS

    @Ned Raggett:

    I meant that it was frightening. What’s worse is his insistence on being taken seriously as an artist. My girlfriend took me out to the Roosevelt Field Mall a couple of weeks ago… there’s an “art” store there and they have three of his paintings. If you’re in the area you should check it out. When you see the day-glo glory of his epicness on canvas, you’ll feel as if he’s right there with you… screeching about sex and gin. Spooky!

  10. T. L. Morgendorffer

    Little do they know how hard Rush fans like to pAArtay! Today’s Tom Sawyer is an animal.

  11. Anonymous

    This is what happens when you have corrupt politicians in new jersey making some kids playing beer pong into a sure sign that armeggedon is just around the corner. Next up….new jersey state senators legislate the return of steve and eydie to the venue and also the return of liberace’s rotting corpse will do a week so old guys in suits can say they have returned ARTS to the State.

  12. Anonymous


    and not to mention, even if your girlfriend loves the guy, any man attending john mayer for sure has fortified himself with a few pops in the parking lot to numb it down some.

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