The Young Music Millionaires List: Being The Son Of A Beatle Really Gives You That Added Boost

Apr 25th, 2008 // 4 Comments

AP05102003097.jpgI’m not sure what the motivations behind making these lists were–maybe they just want to turn everyone off of feeling like they need to pay for music ever again?–but the UK’s Sunday Times has released its lists of Young Music Millionares and Britain’s Top Music Millionaires, and boy do they make me feel crummy about my bank balance. Perhaps fittingly, given these tough times for the biz, topping the Young list is George Harrison’s son/Wu-Tang collaborator Dhani (pictured), who seems to have something of a head start on his competition and is worth £160 million, while behind him is Vanessa-Mae Nicholson (£32 million), a violin player who calls her music “techno-acoustic fusion” and who turns 30 this year so if this list was made after her birthday she wouldn’t even make the big list, where the bar for entry is £125 million. Also in the top ten of the under-30 list: the three non-Chris Martin members of Coldplay, each of whom is worth £30 million (Martin is 31 so he’s disqualified from the big board, alas); Karen Elson and Jack White, who bring in a combined £25 million; Katie Melua, who I mainly know as “that woman who did that stupid underwater concert stunt” but who parlayed that into an £18 million fortune; Amy Winehouse, whose presence on the list causing everyone to break out the “at least crack is cheap” jokes; and, separately, Joss Stone and Craig David, which just goes to show you that at least the Brits are loyal. Both lists after the jump, if you want to get really depressed (just thinking about how big the pile of money Andrew Lloyd Webber is sitting on is not helping my morning).

Young Music Millionaires (aged 30 and under)
1 Dhani Harrison £160m
2 Vanessa-Mae Nicholson £32m
3= Guy Berryman (Coldplay) £30m
3= Jonny Buckland (Coldplay) £30m
3= Will Champion (Coldplay) £30m
6 Karen Elson and Jack White £25m
7 Katie Melua £18m
8 Joss Stone £12m
9 Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson £11m
10= Craig David £10m
10= Amy Winehouse £10m
10= Will Young £10m
13 Katherine Jenkins £9m
14 Corinne Bailey Rae £6m
14= Natasha Bedingfield £6m
14= Leona Lewis £6m
14= Simon Webbe £6m
18 Jamie Cullum £5m

Britain’s Top Music Millionaires
1 Clive Calder £1,300m
2 Lord Lloyd-Webber £750m
3 Sir Paul McCartney £500m
4= Simon Fuller £450m
4= Sir Cameron Mackintosh £450m
6 Madonna and Guy Ritchie £300m
7 Guy and Julia Hands £250m
8 Sir Elton John £235m
9 Sir Mick Jagger £225m
10 Robert Stigwood £212m
11 Sting £200m
12 Keith Richards £190m
13 Sir Tom Jones £170m
14= Olivia and Dhani Harrison £160m
14= Jamie Palumbo £160m
16 Sir Tim Rice £155m
17= Eric Clapton £140m
17= Phil Collins £140m
17= Ringo Starr £140m
20 David and Victoria Beckham £125m

Amy Winehouse makes it on to the Sunday Times Rich List [Times Online]


  1. Sniffle

    In US Dollars that means they almost have as much as 50 Cent.

  2. Ned Raggett

    Given the exchange rates, it might be reversed.

  3. bcapirigi

    What disturbs me about the list is that I once owned a Vanessa-Mae Nicholson CD, and it terrifies me to think that it was recently enough that she could still be described as ‘young.’

  4. Chris Molanphy

    Craig David?! I loved that guy’s 2001 album and all, but…what in Her Majesty’s name is that guy doing in 2007-08 to earn him 10 million pounds? Are the publishing royalties on “Rewind” and “Fill Me In” really that lucrative?

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