Annie Gives Us A Ring

Apr 25th, 2008 // 9 Comments

Annie’s “I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me” appeared on her MySpace page last month, but now there’s a video for it, and it’s predictably adorable, with the Norwegian pop starlet leading a dance troupe of black-clad prom queens, matching her eyeshadow to her eye-popping dresses, and drinking a cocktail that looks suspiciously like the one that the bars I frequented during my Long Island days called a “Windex.” Did I mention that this track also doubles as a huge indicator that her upcoming cover of Stacey Q’s “Two Of Hearts” is probably going to be amazing? [YouTube ; HT Fluxtumblr]


  1. AL

    the video’s already gone :(

  2. brownham

    i don’t get why everyone gets so excited about this singer. I guess if you are foreign and sing boring pop songs it’s suddenly “cool”

  3. NickEddy


    Thank you!

    Robyn as well. Um, so what? comes to mind on hearing.

    I feel alot [sic] less alone now.

  4. narymary

    @brownham: They get excited about her because it’s pop music that isn’t one giant pile of Timbaland-produced suck like most American pop music these days.

  5. Maura Johnston

    @brownham: put together the last sentence of my post with narymary‘s comment and yeah, that sums it up.

  6. bedpan

    oh boo. i really want to watch that video.

  7. Nunya B

    @brownham: Because she’s very very good when she’s good, and her debut album was amazing. It’s nice to see pop that isn’t by-the-numbers and devoid of creativity. (It’s also nice to hear a pop song that doesn’t include Timbaland’s “twikky twikky” noise, but narymary addressed that already.)


    this is a 2nd-rate “Chewing Gum.” Popjustice says the album is amazing- half Xenomania, half Timo- so I am willing to give this a pass, but this song is not QUITE the spectacle I was hoping for from Annie’s comeback.

  8. Nunya B

    @bedpan: It was not that good. Srsly. Think Calvin Harris’ “The Girls” meets… well… Girls Aloud.

  9. dreamsneverend

    new copy is back up:

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