Amy Incarcerated (For Now, At Least)

Apr 25th, 2008 // 7 Comments

AP080424039008.jpgAmy Winehouse has been arrested by London’s Metropolitan Police on suspicion of assault after stopping by the police station to be interrogated about a pair of incidents: “The 24-year-old has reportedly been accused of headbutting a man who tried to help by hailing her a taxi outside a bar. She was also alleged to have punched a second man in the face in the early hours of Wednesday.” [Sky / Photo: AP]

  1. luciluce666

    Totally awesome! I knew this chick had it in her. Plus she got mad weight and lord knows what else up in that hive.

    She’s mastered the mystical ancient martial art of crack-twitch ram style.

  2. Nunya B

    You know she’ll be top bitch in prison unlike her Blake incarcerated. She’s just too badass not to be.

  3. walkmasterflex


  4. Tenno


  5. Clevertrousers

    Um, since when did a mere headbutt count as assualt in the UK? Back in the Thatcher years, that kind of thing was merely considered a polite greeting… Fucking Blair ruined everything…

  6. unspeakablecrime

    I think the the Music Exec;s , knows she will most likely be dead in a year. So they are producing less unstable clones, of her sound. Like ” Duffy” and a third revenue producer to be unveiled soon.

  7. f1sh3r

    we need more musicians who think they’re the terminator. music is too sissy these days.

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